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first haul - torrid haute cash haul + more!

I've never done one of these before, so this will be fun. My haul cherry, omy! I went to the mall today on a mission: To spend my Haute Cash coupons at Torrid. For every 50 dollars you spent you got 1 Haute Cash coupon. When you redeem them now till April 22th, you get 25 dollars off every 50 you spend. It's pretty much like a 25% of deal, if I'm doing the math right. You have to spend money to get the coupons in the first place (Click here for more details).

Let's begin! 

One of the items I purchased was a dress. I usually wear a size 1 at Torrid but sometimes the girl's can't be contained and I have to go a size up. That's what happened with the dress I choose. The only size 2 they had has a ripped strap......

A paperclip is currently holding it together.
Because it was damage I got it for 50% off but I knew I could fix it! I'm not an expert seamstress but I have a decent knowledge when it comes to sewing.

My handy-dandy sewing machine.
Literally took 90 second to do on a sewing machine. 90 sec of my time for 50% off, I think I can deal with that. :)
Not prefect but functional!

Honestly, I'm not a big dress person but I was instantly attracted to this dress.The asymmetrical cut on the bottom of the dress just pulls me right in. I can just imagine the possibilities when accessorizing this dress.  Also the feathered pattern is incredibly eye-catching, I'm in love with the all the colors I'm seeing. Prefect for spring/summer, the dress is very light and flowy. By the way, the belt pictured comes with the dress.
(http://www.torrid.com/torrid/Clothing/Dresses//Feathers+Asymmetrical+Challis+Dress-583455.jsp in a size 2.)
I love the diagonal cut!
A close up of the feather pattern.

The next item I got was a crochet dolman sleeve top. I love how feminine and delicate this top is. It very free and airy, prefect for spring/summer layering!
(http://www.torrid.com/torrid/Clothing/Tops//Ivory+Crochet+Smocked+Dolman+Sleeve+Top-588674.jsp in a size 1)

To get an idea how sheer the top is.
The next item I choose was something one of the lovely Torrid associates suggested to me. A brown smocked tank with a floral print. I have alot of browns in my closest already but when I tried this top on, I knew I wanted to take it home. The pattern has so many colors and the tank over all fit me very well; it's very flattering. It would be very cute with a thick waist belt or a cardi thrown over.

(http://www.torrid.com/torrid/Clothing/Tops//Brown+Smocked+Waist+Ditsy+Print+Tank+Top-568499.jsp in size 1)

A close up of the ruffle detailing and buttons.

Two years ago, graphic tee's and a pair of jeans would be all you saw me in. Now-a-days, I barely own any graphics. Not many of them get my fashion attention but this one did. The watercolor design and the shape of the shirt are what cause me to buy this. The shirt is longer in the back and has dolman sleeves. The shoulders have cut out holes. This is the only aspect of the shirt I'm not very fond of.

(http://www.torrid.com/torrid/Clothing/Tops//Twist+Tees+-+White+Watercolor+Face+Shark+Bite+Tee-505140.jsp in size 1)
Close up of the design.

A bought a couple of great layering pieces for my spring/summer wardrobe. Each very unique, light and flowy.

(http://www.torrid.com/torrid/Clothing/Sweaters//Ivory+Crochet+Shrug-577305.jsp in size 1/2)

(http://www.torrid.com/torrid/Clothing/Jackets//Cream+Mesh+Lace+Vest-579419.jsp in a size 2)

(http://www.torrid.com/torrid/Clothing/Tops//Pink+Daisy+Crochet+Bed+Jacket-561538.jsp in size 1)

Here are some of the combinations I was able to create with what I picked out. The great thing about this Torrid trip, I didn't spend more than 130 dollars! That is amazing considering the price points on each item.

I had some Super Cash coupons from Old Navy that I finally spent today (same concept as the Torrid Haute Cash). I got some flipie-flopies, a sweater, a scarf, and a purple henley tank!

I'm loving the neon trend, I'm a big fan of the neon greens. I really love light weight sweaters; prefect for spring. The scarf has so many colors that I can probably accessorize with many items I already own.

(http://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=60790&vid=1&pid=897933&scid=897933002 in a size XL.)

The shoes I picked up at Target. I've been DYING for a pair of crochet/lace flats that fit well! This was the last neutral pair and I'm so glad I got them. They will go with just about any spring/summer outfit!

(http://www.target.com/p/Womens-Mossimo-Supply-Co-Onie-Crochet-Ballet-Flat-Assorted-Colors/-/A-13942474#?lnk=sc_qi_detaillink in a size 8)

I feel like my spring/summer wardrobe is complete (please, don't take my word on that). I really need to stop spending money on clothes....

Anyways! What amazing items have you came across to add to your spring/summer wardrobe? 


  1. It's a dangerous thing for you to get your shift cut at work haha! Anyway look at you and your handy dandy sewing skills ;) - Samar

    1. ;) Aww, thanks! I try! You should show me some of your creations, Miss Degree in Fashion Design!