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ikea time!


I've been looking for a hat rack to hold all my hats and scarves (what else would it hold?). Lemme tell ya, the search for a hat rack has taken me MONTHS! I checked everywhere!  But of course I never thought to look at IKEA. I went last night and this is what I came back with:

1 hat rack (YAY!)
9 shower loofahs
1 terry cloth bath robe (DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD THESE ARE TO FIND?!?! They are always made out of fleece)
3 shower curtain liners
4 dining chair cushions
1 hanging lamp set + lamp shade

And a couple other random things I can't remember!

But yea, it was a good trip! I wanted the hat rack in black but it was sold out. :( They did have it available in white.

Honestly you can't even see the white accents with the scarves on it, so it all worked it! Only took me about 20 minutes to build it by myself. :)

Now I wasn't intending on getting the hanging lamp but when I saw how easy it was to create (and cheap) I decided to pick that up as well!

Crappy cellphone camera.
I finally have lighting in this corner of the living room!

Have you ever been to IKEA? If so what are your best IKEA finds?

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