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My make-up story + NAKED palette

I'm sure EVERYONE has this by now or knows of this but I FINALLY broke down and bought the NAKED eyeshadow palette by Urban Decay. This purchase is kinda a big deal for me and here's why:

I've slowly been introducing myself to make-up and I know that sounds silly coming from a 23 year old female but make-up never appealed to me. When I heard the words "make-up", automatically, images of Mini, from the Drew Carey or clowns popped into my head!! I thought make-up was an evil tool that made women look unnatural. I never saw the point. I think it's mostly because no one showed me how to properly use it. It may sounds crazy but YouTube has been the source of my recent interest in the make-up world.

YouTube "Make-up Guru's" such as Michelle Phan, AllThatGlitters21 (Elle), bubzbeauty, and  missglamorazzi (Ingrid) have really open my eyes to the beauty/make-up world. I just started out watching make-up tutorials from Michelle Phan. I was fixated on how she used make-up to create art and accent natural beauty. I gradually started watching more and more tutorials from one YouTuber to another YouTubers till finally, I decided I wanted make-up in my life. 

So, anyway! Like I said, this purchase is kinda a big deal for me! It's my first high-end make up product. I've heard so many good things but committing to that 50.00$ price tag was hard. I had no luck finding it online for any cheaper. I was recently introduced to the ULTA store located at the mall I work at and saw they sold Urban Decay. Last weekend they had a "get free samples if you spend over 30 dollars in Urban Decay products" special. Soooo... I went! I'm really glad I did, because the cashier was able to also give me a 20% off coupon! So, I spend 42 dollars and got my NAKED palette and my 2 free samples! Yipee!

All the eye shadow shades.
A close up of the shades.
There are 12 shades in this palette and it also comes with a nice eye shadow brush. I haven't tried everything yet but I did test the colors on my arm and I LOVE every shade with my skin tone. What I'm most fond of is the Half Baked shade.

What's your favorite shade(s) from Urban Decay's NAKED palette?

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