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TERA: character creation guide

TERA is a new action based MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) that will be launching May 1st, 2012 (April 28th, for all you per-orders out there). If you per-order the game, customers are able to reserve one character/name early which happened to be last weekend. I have no experience with this game other than the character creation, so bare with me on my TERA journey. In this post today I will to going through the character creation process for TERA.

Your first choice is to pick the server you would like to join. There are 3 main types of servers:
PvE (Player vs. Environment)
PvP (Player v. Player)
and one server designated as "Role Play". 

Current status of the servers as of Sunday, April 15th at about 11PM EST.

Your second choice is your race. Each race is unique and has different benefits, so choose carefully.


Humans are optimistic, curious about the world, and highly valued as diplomats and leaders. Humans naturally build communities, a trait that helped keep their culture strong during 2000 years of forced exile.

  • Resilience of Body - Humans continuously heal HP after being resurrected.
  • Indomitable Spirit - Humans take less PvP damage when under 30% HP.  
Male Human.
Female Human.

Bold, brash, and independent, the castanics are willing to work together for the common good, but only so far as the common good doesn't take too long or come at too high a price.

  • Dirty Fighting - Castanics have an increased critical hit chance on attacks from behind.
  • Light Landing - Castanics take 50% less falling damage.  
Male Castanic.
Female Castanic.


The ancient amani were proud and strong, but a trick of fate deprived them of their god's protection and they were enslaved. After winning freedom, the amani vowed "Never Again!" If you like sharp teeth, horns, and fighting for honor, this is the race for you.

  • No Stranger to Pain - When under 30% HP, all damage taken is reduced by 10%.
  • Blood of Dragons - Resistance to DoT effects is increased by 10.
Male Aman.

Female Aman.


The popori kingdom is comprised of animals imbued with a spark of divine energy. When "awakened," they cease to be rabbits, cats, and dogs, becoming instead fearsome defenders of the natural order. Armies of poporis feature heavily in many ancient battles, and no other race can raise an effective fighting force as fast.

  • Horizon Run - Once every 30 minutes, a popori can increase its non-combat speed by 20 for 3 minutes.
  • Soothing Presence - Once an hour, a popori can reduce movement speed by 40% to move freely past aggressive monsters for 1 minute. 
Male only race.

A peaceful and noble race, barakas are ferocious in defense of the weak. Their imposing presence conceals their true strength; baraka are giants in intellect as well as physicality.

  • Gather No Moss - Innate baraka determination increases their resistance to immobility by 10.
  • Indefatigable - Baraka stamina does not fall below 20% while adventuring.
Male only race.


Elins are the divine "children" of the goddess Elinu, but do not mistake their waif-like appearance for innocence. Elin generals are among the world's most fearsome.

  • Friendly Current -An elin swims faster than other races. Certain dungeon and field maps have areas where swimming is the best way to get around.
  • Botanist - An elin character gathers plants faster than other races.  
Female only race.

High Elf

Fewer than 100 years ago, the "Children of Karas" were actively at war with most of the world. However, their commitment to cooperation is a logical and necessary part of their culture, and they were among the first forces to stand against the Argon invasion.

  • Core Infusion -Once every two hours, an elf can completely replenish their MP.
  • Resilience of Mind -After resurrecting, an elf continually regenerates MP for a time. 

Male High Elf.
Female High Elf.
Now that you've pick your race, it time to pick your class! Currently there is no way to change classes, so choose wisely. Each class has a suggested skill level from 1-5 stars. There are 3 main types of classes:
DPS/Melee (Damage per second/ damage dealers)

Recommended skill level: ★★★★★
Characteristics: Evasive Tank OR Sustained DPS, Melee, Light Armor

Quick attacks and high mobility make a warrior essential to group play, but also very survivable while soloing. Tanking with this class is difficult, but possible. If you're choosing a warrior to be a tank, be prepared for a challenge.

Elin Warrior.

Recommended skill level: ★★★★
Characteristics: Absorption Tank, Melee, Heavy Armor

A lancer is a heavily armored fighter focused on anchoring a battle. Generates maximum threat with shouts and special attacks, sacrificing movement and attack power for the best durability in the game.

Elin Lancer.

Recommended skill level: ★★★
Characteristics: Burst DPS, Melee, Light Armor

A lightly armored, agile fighter with a devastating greatsword. High damage attacks combine with evasive maneuvers for a dynamic combat style.

Elin Slayer.

Recommended skill level: ★★★
Characteristics: Burst DPS, Melee, Heavy Armor

Berserkers use charge-up attacks to deal massive damage. They can also block incoming frontal attacks, though they lose MP quickly when not attacking.

Elin Berserker.

Recommended skill level: ★★
Characteristics: Burst DPS, Ranged, Robes

The sorcerer is a ranged damage class focused on annihilating the enemy with high-damage "nuke" attacks. The mobile artillery of TERA.

Elin Sorcerer.

Recommended skill level: ★★
Characteristics: Sustained DPS, Ranged, Light Armor

The archer is a highly mobile, ranged dps class. By channeling energy into the bow, the archer is capable of a wide range of attacks, dealing massive burst or rapid damage to foes.

Elin Archer.

Recommended skill level: ★★★
Characteristics: Primary Healer, Ranged, Robes

The priest is a robed magic user whose primary role is to restore health and vitality. However, a priest is not to be taken lightly—the same power that revives allies can also smite foes.

Elin Priest.

Recommended skill level: ★★★★
Characteristics: Support Healer, Ranged, Robes

Mystics are a strong support class with skills to protect and enhance their party through buffs and auras. They also summon mighty thralls to assist, heal, and aid them in battle.

Elin Mystic.

This is where the real fun begins. Creating and customize your personal character; I played with this for hours.

A set of characters already customized. Pretty much serves as a good base to start with when creating your character; or if you're really lazy you can just pick one and be done.

This is where you choose your hair style and color.

Self explanatory; this is where you choose your face and skin color.  

This is where you choose special marking on the face, eyes, make-up, etc. It different for every race.

Fine Details
This is where the biggest portion of customizability comes from. The sliders on each menu allow you to control multiple points on your characters face including: bone structure, eyes, eyebrows, lips, mouth, nose, eyes, and cheeks.

You have a choice of 1 of 4 outfits for your character; body armor options are specific to job choice.(Example: Priest = Robes)

You have the option of 4 voices. Difference is the pitch; deep to high.

Character Name
Last but not least, picking your name! You can actually name your character at any time by clicking the "Edit Name" button on the bottom of the screen.

The game will let you know if your name is or is not available on the server you choose. Once you've chosen hit "Finish" and you're DONE! Hurray!

What race/classes would you be, even if you don't plan on playing TERA? I know what I'll be, check back soon to see~ <3

All information/facts about TERA were pulled from the official TERA website. I take no credit for the information about each race and class.(http://tera.enmasse.com/?lang=en) Any other information was written by myself.

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