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Tera Open Beta: Levels 1-12

Emotes left to right: /taunt, /point(/there), /victory( or /cheer /win) and /love.

Meet Teh, my green haired Warrior Elin! The TERA open beta was last weekend and I finally got to try TERA out for the first time (no thanks to GameStop...). I'm fairly satisfied with how my character turned out. The Elin race is so adorable and sweet, that I may have diabetes now. BUT GOD I AM SO C-U-T-E!!

You log in as a level 20 class. Don't worry, It doesn't stay that way. It didn't make sense to me either at first. It's more so for demonstration. Gives you something to look forward to; to get a feel for what you're going to leveling into later. You're even taunted with gear you choose during character creation. (Mine is shown below)

After completing the first bit of story line, you're reduced back to level 1 and you enter a new area of the TERA universe. First thing I noticed was just how pretty this game is.

I can JUMP!
I got a feel of the battle system and the quest system pretty quickly. It's very easy to catch on. The game directs you very well. I've tried the battle system with keyboard+mouse combo and controller setup. I have to say that the controller setup feels more natural but the keyboard+mouse combo gives you more... precision? I can see keyboard and mouse being more helpful once you have more that 6 abilities. For now it's so much easier to use L1 and R1 to toggle through my abilities. Although, my game-pad reverses the buttons on the controller, don't know what the deal with that is...

The game is very straight forward. Like I said, it directs you very well but... it's nothing but quest grinding. Talk to this person, go kill that thing, get this, do that, talk to that person over there, rinse and repeat. Yeeeeah- you get it. Quests are your main way of obtaining EXP (experience points) and money. Once you level, you're able to buy new abilities from an NPC.

Accepting a quest.
Accepting another quest...
The * icon above the NPC head indicates that you have met the requirements to finish a quest.
I met up with an online friend that I've played past MMO's with.
*Now, please keep in mind I can only vouch for warrior. I have yet to play any of the other classes. 

Even though this game seems to be nothing but quest grinding at this time, why it is so much fun? Three words:

The battle system

It's really that AMAZING and FUN!! It's addicting. Even though I get multiple quests saying "kill this monster this many times to get this item", I don't mind!! I would kill 1,000 monsters and still not be bored. The battle system is action based. No, "wait 5 second to swing your weapon" sort of bull crap. You are in full control. If you SUCK, it's going to show. You have to dodge so you can evade attacks. You have to issue attacks, so you can do damage. Monsters can also do the same. You have to learn how to effectively use your job to survive. With warrior you have two main abilities - your main attack and back flip dodge ability. Using abilities takes mp. MP/HP recover over time when you're not engaged in battle. 

When your HP is dangerously low, the game warns you with a red haze on the screen. Very similar to many action-based games.

Dying for my first time. You are given the option to return to the last "Safe Haven" you entered.

Obtaining a level. I love the wings and crown!
The main island you begin on has you do several quest leading up to a boss fight. After the boss fight is completed you are granted access to the main city, Velika . I was able to beat the boss on my second try (I ran away on accident on my first try, lol). It was challenging for me as a warrior. I noticed I don't take damage well and for me to do damage to my opponent, I have to be very close. Sooooo, the fight consisted of:  hit > run > run > run > hit > run > run > run... you get the idea. You get an NPC to help you out in the fight but I swear my NPC sucked balls. For a being a priest he never cured me!!

The boss I of spoke above.

Yay, I beat the boss!

Once this boss is beaten you are given the opportunity to finally leave this island and go to Velika. Travel is via Pegasus. 

Flight to Velika via Pegasus.

The town was somewhat overwhelming at first because so many quests popped up. I didn't really complete much past this point. This is pretty much where my open beta adventure ends. I expanded my inventory. Obtained my first mount and I decided to call it a night. 

Space gets hard to come by.
I'm on a horse. #oldspice

In conclusion, the game is super super pretty. I am freaking cute. I enjoyed the open beta. I'm very much looking forward to early access on the 28th. The battle system is great; very addictive and changeling. Quest grinding might get boring in the future but so far I'm okay with it. I want to try out other classes and see how they operate. I would also want to level Teh further and possibly get to the "end game" of TERA. I've heard there are many dungeons to partake in, I would love to experience those. All and all, I'm happy I gave this game a chance.

P.S. Never per-order a computer game or any game with bonus content from GameStop; just trust me.

What games are you currently playing or are excited to play?

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