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May 2012 Polish Haul

My nail polish collection is growing and fast. I finally started categorizing it here; it's a work in progress. My goal is to use every polish I own in some way, shape, or form and photograph it. I'm waiting to get a new camera and invest some time into making a soft box. I kinda want to do this 31 Day Challenge Polish Project (see below).
No idea where this originally came from so I can't give credit.

Anyways-- this is all the polish I have picked up along the way for the month of May! Most if not all these polishes I'm showing you I have yet to try. 

7 piece "Electric Nails" polish set.

I picked up this set of polishes from Forever 21. It's called "Electric Nails". None of the polished of names. The set it's self was $9.50. Not bad!

From right to left: Salmon, Rose/Gold, Gold, Mint, Blue/Clear

Again, more polishes from Forever 21. Each bottle was $2.80. These didn't really have names either. More so descriptions of the colors on the bottle.

Close up of "Blue/Clear". I love the star shaped glitters!

A close up of "Gold".

A close up of "Rose/Gold".
No names on the bottle but Target's website calls these: Lime Green and Copper.

Target started carrying all sort of new items thorough out their stores. They are calling them "The Shops at Target". This is one of the shops, COS BAR. I had never heard of this brand/shop. The polish looked very interesting so I picked two colors. Each bottle was $3.00.

Close up of "Lime Green"

Close up of "Copper".
From left to right: Fiercely Fionna, Did It On 'Em, Who the Sherk Are You?, Mermaid's Tears, Stranger Tides
These are actually my first OPI's! All of the polish I want from OPI are from their older collections. I'm still looking for a couple more from the Sherk, Pirates, and Katy Perry Collections. I about peed my pants when I found Mermaid's Tears! I was lucky enough to find theses at Drug Mart and Kroger's! Each bottle was $7.99.

*I can't really give a good online source because it took some hunting to even find these. I don't want to link anyone to a unfamiliar source. I'm sure amazon or eBay might have some sellers. 
Left to right: My Pointe Exactly, Don't Touch My Tutu, Care to Danse?, Pirouette My Whistle
This was a nice find at my local Kroger. I got this set for $10.99? You should be able to find this collection at ULTA as well. I never realized how tiny OPI's mini lacquers really were!! All of these colors are very sheer and elegant. I would defiantly recommend these colors for any event where you want polish but don't want it to be over baring and detracting (interviews, anyone?).
Close up.

Manicure using OPI "Care to Danse?"
Left to right: Raspberry, Watermelon, Pearl, Dandelion, Gold (lost label)?, Sky, Neptune, Lilac, Gold Rush

These were a happy find!! I was just browsing the mall when I came across these polishes in GAP. I'm a GAP Inc employee so I receive a discount. This bottles retail at $6.00 each but I got them for $3.00 each. So, I went a little crazy and I bought 9 colors, haha! ;)

*I can not provide an online score for these because they are not available online. If you wanted to purchase these polishes you would have to find a store near you.

Close up of Gold? (lost the label)

Close up of Gold Rush.

Left to right: Let's Hear it For the Free Spirit!, What Aura Gonna Wear, It's Totally Karma, Neutral Beauty, That's What Fringe is For, Happy Earth Day to Me

When I was in Sephora I came across this mini nail polish pack. I have never tried any of their polish so I figured this would be the prefect way to do so. I love how spring/summer like this collection is. I could even see myself using these colors for fall as well. Each color has a shimmer to it. I picked this kit up at Sephora for $24.50.
Left to right: Beach Cruiser, Melt Your Popsicle, Glowstick

These polishes are part of Orly's Feel the Vibe, Summer Collection 2012. These have been my absolute favorite polishes for the past couple weeks. I love this neon collection, they apply so well. No neon for me as ever provided such a strong solid color with such wonderful application. No white base is needed for these but I'm sure if you wanted to use one it would make the colors pop even more than they already do. I picked these colors up at Sally's Beauty Supply Store and I believe they are also available at ULTA. I picked mine up for $5.49 a bottle at Sally's and I also had a 20% of coupon for the month of May.  I used these colors on this and this manicure.

Jade Groove
Layla's Hologram Effect nail polish is the first holo polish I've ever tired. I made a recent post which more details my thoughts about this polish here. It retails for $15.50 but I was able to get it for $13.50 with a coupon at ULTA.

Left to right: Digital and Cyber Space

I'm super excited to try these out. I'm really enjoying holo polish. I picked these up from CVS. They were doing a buy one Milani cosmetic get the other for 50% off. Each bottle retails for $4.99.

Disco Nap
This was the polish I received in my May Birch Box. Nothing much to say about this polish. The only other Color Club polish I own is a gold crackle polish.

Left to right: Demure, Charismatic, Tangerine, Sunshine, Sparkle, Zealous, Whimsical, Lilac, Pastelle, Popular, Ruby Ribbon, Carbonite

:Last but not least, Revlon! Oh Revlon, how you stole my heart~ I can't believe I've picked up so many Revlon polishes this month. It defiantly brighten my polish collection. I didn't have many bright colors before this month. I've only tried two of these polishes but from what I've tried I really enjoy this brand. I also really enjoy the shape of the bottle. I think I got so many this month because of how accessible this brand is. It's at the grocery stores, the drug stores, make-up stores... I just come across it often. So, with that being said I picked all of these polishes up at different places for different prices. It's average retail price is $4.99 a bottle.

*No link provided but you can find Revlon polish everywhere!

A close up of Whimsical. A nail blogger blogged about this polish and once I saw it I knew I had to have it!

A close up of Popular. Very similar to Whimsical but still very different. Can't wait to try this polish out.

That's it for my polish haul. Thank you for looking. :)

What polishes have you bought this month(May) that you are excited to try?


Layla Hologram Effect Nail Polish in Jade Groove

I'm super excited about this nail polish! For too long I've been waiting to try this holo polish but the 15 dollar price makes me sadface. :( I finally decided to treat myself and purchase this polish. I picked it up from my local ULTA with a 20% off coupon. So, I got the polish for a couple dollars off, not bad.

The photos show a basecoat, 3 coats of the polish, and a top coat. Here are a couple tips to applying this holo polish:
  • Nails need to be clean and smooth.
  • A good basecoat helps to smooth nails more.
  • This polish will steak, just be patient and apply as many coats as you need (let them dry in between each coat or it will steak more). 
  • I suggest applying this polish in a well lit area or your manicure will come out spotty.

After a while you'll start to get an idea of how this polish flows. It's not a thick formula but it dries very quickly. Once finished it will display such a fabulous effect!

Layla Hologram in Jade Groove - Outdoor/Shade

Indoor/Overhead lighting (kinda blurry, sorry).

Indoor/Overhead lighting (kinda blurry, sorry).

Indoor/Overhead lighting.
With the right lighting this polish looks breath taking! I couldn't stop staring at the shinny...  My only bad review on this polish is that it started to clip after the one day mark. :( Other than that, this is such a unique effect, I believe it was wroth the price. :)

Do you own any holo polishes? Do you think it's wroth the price?


Orly Beach Cruisher + Sally Hansen Salon Effects

I have another cute manicure to show you! I used Sally Hansen's Salon Effects and Orly Beach Cruiser. I am quiet obsessed with the neon and animal print.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects in 310 Wild Child (Zebra Print)
The Sally Hansen Salon Effects come with 12 nail polish strips. After you open these, I suggest keeping them sealed in a plastic baggie so they do not dry out. Depending on where you buy these the price may vary but the average price for them are about 9.99. Out of all the nail polish strips I have tried these are the best! Very easy to use, so many designs to choose from, and they feel like nail polish!

40760 Orly Beach Cruiser

Orly Beach Cruiser is from Orly's Summer 2012 Collection called Summer Vibe. I have 3 of the 6 polishes and I love them! Application is great; very smooth. Takes 2-3 coats for even coverage. It's just such a wonderful neon to work with. I highly recommend. I picked up my Orly polish from a local Sally's Beauty Supply but I believe ULTA sells the collection as well, along with many online stores.

I'm really not a pink gal but I really love how this color looks!

Are you loving the neon's as much as I am?


Broadway Stick-On - Nail Polish Strips Review

I went to Drug-Mart today which is just a local drug store here where I live and I came across this brand of nail polish strips. They were a reasonable price so I decided to give them a try.
Also these photos are from my phone, I'm testing out on-the-go blogging on my phone (EDIT: I failed at blogging on-the-go so I've reposted this entry).

  • Easy to apply
  • Can remove and retry easily
  • Creative designs
  • Good price

  • Doesn't come with very many strips
  • The strips don't fit as well as other brands I'm used to.
  • When I put a top coat over the design it created micro cracks on the colors. It's very hard to see but it bothered me. So... I wouldn't suggest a topcoat with these.
  • EDIT: They have more of a sticker texture than a nail polish texture. When you remove these you have to peel them off. Other brands use nail polish remover.
  • EDIT: So, I got maybe 2 days of wear about of these nail strips. Granted I do work shipment at my job, so I'm using my hands alot. The average person may get more usage. 

In conclusion, these are a good price and the designs are cute but I would recommend other brands over these.

Incoming crappy cell phone pictures.

What do you think? Would you buy these?


May 2012 Gossip Girl Birchbox

The box the products where shipped in.
My first Birchbox, I am so excited!!! And it's inspired by Gossip Girl? YES! I'm a little obsessed with that show. To anyone who may be unfamiliar with the Birchbox concept, it's a 10 dollar monthly subscription. You receive a small package each month with 4-5 samples of beauty products. You can cancel at anytime. To subscribe go here. Let's get to the unboxing shall we?

Inside the shipped box was the Birchbox with a Gosspi Girl wrapping.

The Birchbox.

beutyvblender | blendercleanser
The product shown above is the beautyblender, blendercleaanser. "Keep your makeup sponges and brushes in prime condition with this soy-based formula, which removed built-up bacteria and oil."  I have yet to try this but I'm excited to. I don't actually own any brush cleaners (I know, shame on me). So, this is something I do need. Only down side to this product is... uh, where is the directions, lol? I'm sure I can figure it out (EDIT: Website tells me how).

Color Club | Nail Polish in Disco Nap

The product shown above is something I'm very familiar with, nail polish! I've heard of the Color Club brand but I've yet to try it. The color they sent is called Disco Nap. It's a basic gold.

Dr. Jart+ | Waterfuse BB Cream
What's funny about receiving this product is the night before I was researching BB creams and trying to find what would be right for me. I was super excited to receive this sample. BB cream stands for Beauty Balm. It's a good middle ground between a tinted moisturizer and foundation. It very popular in the Asian culture. It's starting to make more of an appearance here in the states and with many makeup lines. It supposed to not clog your pore and be very good for your skin. It also has SPF! So again, very excited! I can't wait to try it!

Arquiste | L'Etrog

A small vial of perfume, Arquiste's L'Etrog. Sounds fancy! The description for this product says "Warm notes of citron, palm leaves, and myrtle combine in the transporting scent, inspired by the aromas of medieval harvest festival in Calabria, Italy."  I honestly could not accurately describe this scent to you. I'm not a big fan of perfumes (more of a body spray girl and even then I rarely use) and if you honestly asked me what this smelled like, I would tell you: Fancy old lady.

XOXO note cards.

A couple note cards with Gossip Girl's signature sign off "XOXO". I thought this was clever.

There was one more item that I received that I did not photograph. It was elastic skinny band called a twistband (it's pictured in the group shots above). I'm really not impressed with this. I may give it a shot but my hair is so short I can't really pull it back. Supposedly, you can layer them up on your arms to make cute bracelets? *shrugs*

Again, these were all the products I received in May's Bicrhbox:
Arquiste - L'Etrog
beautyblender - blendercleanser
Color Club - Nail Ploish in Disco Nap
Dr. Jart + - Waterfuse DD Cream
twistband - Skinny Headband
Birchbox - XOXO Notecards

What item would you like to try? Are you subscribed to Birchbox?
Each quoted description is from the card that came in the package. I do not take credit.