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Broadway Stick-On - Nail Polish Strips Review

I went to Drug-Mart today which is just a local drug store here where I live and I came across this brand of nail polish strips. They were a reasonable price so I decided to give them a try.
Also these photos are from my phone, I'm testing out on-the-go blogging on my phone (EDIT: I failed at blogging on-the-go so I've reposted this entry).

  • Easy to apply
  • Can remove and retry easily
  • Creative designs
  • Good price

  • Doesn't come with very many strips
  • The strips don't fit as well as other brands I'm used to.
  • When I put a top coat over the design it created micro cracks on the colors. It's very hard to see but it bothered me. So... I wouldn't suggest a topcoat with these.
  • EDIT: They have more of a sticker texture than a nail polish texture. When you remove these you have to peel them off. Other brands use nail polish remover.
  • EDIT: So, I got maybe 2 days of wear about of these nail strips. Granted I do work shipment at my job, so I'm using my hands alot. The average person may get more usage. 

In conclusion, these are a good price and the designs are cute but I would recommend other brands over these.

Incoming crappy cell phone pictures.

What do you think? Would you buy these?

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