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Unboxing: TERA Collector's Edition

I finally went to GameStop and picked up my copy of TERA today. I put of doing so for so long because I was just tired of dealing with GameStop. Never again will I per-order a game from them. It is not wroth it. Long story short: Effing GameStop.

ANYWAYS-- onto the unboxing. The items that are included in the Collectors Edition are:
  • TERA (obviously) 
  • Map of TERA
  • Letter of Marque
  • Valkyon Federation Handbook
  • Original Soundtrack
  • Federation Issued Compass
  • Velik's Bloodstone Necklace*
  • Shakan's Bloodstone Necklace*
*Items are in game items. 

A size comparison of TERA Collectors Edition next to FFXIV Online Collector's Edition.

Box out of the plastic.

The box opened; order of contents from to to bottom: map, handbook, game, compass.

Landscape cover art with holographic images.

Book inside the case is a basic control guide. Reserve side is install guide and contains your unique code.

Comes with 3 install discs and 1 soundtrack disc.

The handbook, basic player's guide on the classes and combat system. Letter of Marque; a fun letter to make you feel more connected to the TERA world.

A real compass with impressive detailing. The message inside reads: This compass provides direction. Your honor provides the drive.

Closing thoughts: I haven't received my in game items, so I don't know how great (or disappointing) they are but based on the physical items I received-- do I think this collector's edition of TERA was wroth my money?  My answer is yes. You receive many extra items to make the 79.99 price wroth it. Granted the handbook looks like some kid who just learned how to use the filters in Photoshop went crazy... Also, the book has light information about the classes and the gameplay that can be read about easily on the TERA website. Other than the handbook being a bit disappointing, the compass is cool and functional (but hard to open). The map is has a nice embossment, to give it that map feel. Last but not least, the letter supplied a fun personal touch.

Would you buy the collector's edition? Do you think it's wroth the price tag?

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