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Birch Box June 2012

My June Birch Box came in that mail a couple weeks ago. The theme for this box was "Jet Set" which are carry on staple items for when you travel/fly for vacation. For myself I do not travel much and when I do I usually don't fly. I've flown maybe twice in my life? Most of the items in this box did appeal to me either way. :) 

Comodynes - Self- Tanning Intensive
These are self tanning towelettes. I don't use self-tanners because I tan VERY easily. I'm out in the sun for 15 minutes and BAM I'm dark. So yeah... I probably won't be using these.

Number 4 - Super Comb Prep & Protect
This is a leave in treatment used for helping detangle and defizz hair. I've yet to try this but I love trying out new leaving in hair products. My dry/fizzy hair makes finding the prefect product hard. I've been really loving Lush's R&B . It weights my hair down, which is great, but my hair get oily/greasy super quick. Which makes me have to wash my hair more often. :( Another good all in one leave in is It's a 10.

theBalm - Lip/Cheeck Stain in Beauty Queen

I LOVE two in one products like this. That helps cut down one's make-up application time and and it helps to make packing lighter (when traveling). This is a nice "I just drank Kool-Aid" lip stain. As for the cheeks, it gives a good light red flush. Nothing too over bearing.

Jouer - Moisture Tint
Sorry, for the blurry picture. This is tinted moisturizer with SPF (always a plus). It's said to be an award-winning product. I've yet to try this out. I love tinted moisturizers, especially during the summer. Foundation is just too heavy for me. Also, I suffer from oily skin. The lighter the product, the better. AND it's OIL FREE, YES PLEASE!

La Fresh - Make-up wipes
These make-up wipes claim to be able to remove stubborn mascara and they are oil free, so yay. So yeah... they are make-up wipes, not much more to say about them. Again, I haven't tried these. I'm fond of the Yes to Cucumbers wipes. I also just picked up some new wipes from Simple and I have been wanting to try those out too.

Band-Aids - Cynthia Rowley
The lifestyle extra that came in this month's box was Band-Aids, oooooo! They are designer bandages by Cynthia Rowley. Nothing much to say about this product. The designs are fun and different and hey, I needed Band-Aids, haha!

That is all! Over all I'm happy with the samples I received. I love getting these boxes!

Till next month~

Are you going to be doing any traveling this summer? If so, where to (and take me)?! 


IKEA Helmer Polish Storage!

Source: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/40107872/#/20107873
This is a post I've been wanting to do for a while. My nail polish collection has over double in size within the last couple months and is still growing. I didn't know what to do with it!  I've seen so many nail blogger's blog about this lovely storage unit but I had no idea how PREFECT the Helmer was until I owned it.

As the tile says, this storage unit is from IKEA. It comes in 3 colors. I really want the red color but my IKEA was out. :( I went with the silver/grey instead and it ended up working out well. The storage unit kinda resembles a filing cabinet. There are 6 drawers, each 4in high (prefect for almost any size polish). The unit itself is about 2.25ft high (without wheels 2ft 2in high). I didn't put the wheel on mine. It fits perfectly underneath my desk!! :) Sooooooo convenient because that's where I always paint my nails! I couldn't ask for a better storage solution.

Before I show the pictures, here are some tips to building the Helmer:
  • Have all the pieces viable. 
  • The only tools you will need are a Phillips Head screwdriver and some patience. :) 
  • The direction do not have words so pay CLOSE attention to the details on the images.
  • It's very easy to accidentally build parts of the unit... backwards (I did it twice, lol). If that happens it's not impossible to back track. Try not to get frustrated (like I did)!
  • You will use all the pieces, there are no extra parts. 
  • Building this by yourself takes an hour or more. Longer if you build parts backwards. :( It took me an afternoon. But I took frequent breaks to watch Netflix. ;)

My old polish "storage".

This was my old polish "storage". It sat on my dresser in a somewhat organized... mess, haha! It got to the point where I had so much polish I was using baskets from Easter to hold things. Even then, it was still very chaotic. I knew there had to be a better way.

I first tried using one of those clear plastic drawer thingys... (I have NO idea what they are called but you can that you can pick these up anywhere). It worked... for the most part. I mean it stored my polish. That's all I needed really, right? Well, not exactly. What I didn't like about the storage unit was that, I had no room for growth and this was very important to me. Other things I dislike were, opening and closing the drawers were a task, they didn't slide easily and the whole storage unit would often slide when I tried to open a drawer. The only somewhat positive aspect I liked about it, is that it was clear and I could see into that unit. But even then, that wasn't very important to me.

I google'd "nail polish storage" and kept coming across these prefect containers (the Helmer) that stored polish wonderfully BUT I couldn't figure out what they were. You'd be surprised how many people posted pictures showcasing their polish collection but not telling their viewers WHERE they got the unit from. I eventually figured it out and intermediately went down to IKEA to purchase one. The Helmer was only 39.99, but they did not have the color I wanted. It was still a great deal!

A small container on the top of my Helmer. It contains all my base/top coats. My hand lotion, cuticle cream, and any remedies I use to help heal my dry cuticles. This is kinda my "go to" container.

Drawer one: This contains all my manicure items, manicure sticks, cuticle pusher, nail polish remover, cotton pads, tweezers, nail clippers, nail files, etc.

Drawer two: Has most of my nail art tools. Tape, nail stripes, brushes, sponges, and some extra overflow from drawer one.

Drawer three: Contains my OPI, China Glaze, Essie and Butter London polish.

Drawer four: Contains my specialty polish like magnetic, holos and crackles. This also has my Zoya, Revlon, and GAP polish.

Drawer five: Contains my Sally Hansen, Wet n' Wild, Forever 21, Old Navy, NYC, and random polishes.

Drawer six: My very last drawer contains all my nail strippers and mini nail kits. The wheels that go to the unit are also in this drawer, in case I ever wanna add them on in the future.

And that's it! I didn't realize how much polish I had till I sat down and organized it all. I have over 125 polish, counting my nail strippers, over 160. Again, my collection is still growing and this Helmer is PREFECT for that. I still have room, the drawers slide nicely, and the price of the unit is amazing. You can even label each drawer if you'd like but I choose not to. I'm sure the placement of my polish now will be different in a couple months.

P.S. If you're someone with a big collection, I would suggest the Alex from IKEA. It's taller and has more drawers. More expensive but I'm sure it's worth the price. OR you could just buy 2 Helmers, haha! 

How do you store you polish? Would you consider a IKEA Helmer?


Robin's Egg Mani

Right to left: No named Old Navy polish and Essence You Belong to Me

I borrowed this mani idea from The Beauty Department. It's called Robin's Eggs. :) Super cute and SOOOOO EASY! As soon as a saw it I knew I had to do it. I recently picked up this pastle blue polish from Essence (only .99$) called "You Belong to Me at ULTA.

The Essence polish applied very well and dried very fast! I was very impressed, I may pick up more Essence polish! :) By itself this polish is such a lovely color. It has a very slight shimmer to it but I would definitely consider this more of a cream. I also used un-named gold glitter polish that I got from Old Navy. It's a gold glitter top coat with many different grains of glitter. Super sparkly!

I apologize, my cuticle have been suffering lately. I can't seem to find my Burts-Bees cuticle cream. :( It's been lost for a week and man, that stuff sure does make a difference (EDIT: OMG I JUST FOUND IT! How dumb am I, it was on my desk the whole time!! HAHA). I wish I didn't have to touch clothing and cardboard so much. Geez, retail dries my poor hands out! Doesn't help that my hands are usually dry to begin with. :( :(

 Anyways! What is your cuticle life saver? Mine is Burts-Bees!<3


Monochromatic nails + Thanks for 1000!

I wanted to take the time and say thank you for the 1,000 views on my blog. I know it's not that many but it means alot! My website/blog is still in it's beginning stages but hey, you have you start somewhere, right? :) I'm loving just blogging about anything, mostly it's been about my at home manicures. I find it somewhat therapeutic, as weird as that may sound. So, I tend to paint them pretty often.

Anyways, I also have a monochromatic manicure to show you. I am about 75% happy with the outcome. If I were to do this again I would honestly change the thumb color (NYC Big Money Frost). Other than that, all the colors applied very well and did want it needed to achieve my monochromatic manicure.

Left to right: OPI Fiercely Fionna, Revlon Zealous, OPI Did It On 'Em, Sephora by OPI It's Totally Karma and NYC Big Money Frost

Again, I really wasn't happy with how the thumb color came out. It wasn't what I was looking for in a dark green. But other than that, I really enjoyed this manicure and would recommend any of these colors on their own. I love greens. :) :) :) I think I may try a blue monochromatic manicure sometime!

Would you try a monochromatic manicure? What color would you do?


butterLONDON Slapper + Sally Salon Effects

I have for you today a bohemian/tribal inspired manicure! This was my first time using butterLONDON and I got to say, I'm in love! So very easy to work with. The coverage was prefect. Only took 1-2 coats to even everything out. No streaky-ness or gloppy-ness. Just an all around great application. :) I hope this is what I can look forward to with all butterLONDON polish!

I'm kinda sad because my photos did not turn out well at all and the manicure is currently not on my nails anymore. :( I'm really not happy with these photos. Since this color is such a strong color you will see imperfections when up close. I had so many little imperfections that showed up in my photos that I almost didn't post about this. But I lovelovelove this manicure so much that I wanted to show it off. 

I used Sally Hansen Salon Effects to make the triangles. Now, if you want, you could tape off your nails and create the triangles with a polish but I wanted to be lazy. :p I cut the shapes out of the stripes, applied it to my completely dried manicure, and finished off with a top coat.

Thanks for looking~

Would you try out a manicure like this? What other color combos would you try?


China Glaze Peachy Keen

I have here today China Glaze's Peachy Keen. I picked this up at my local Sally's. I was super excited to finally get my hands on this color! I've been wanting it for a while. I love how peachy it is (well duh, right?). ;) My only con about this polish is how gloppy it was. It was very hard to work with and I kept getting dents in my manicure. :( If you take the time to do thin coats and let them fully dry, you should have no problems. I made my manicure a little more interesting by painting a french tip on my ring finger.

Thanks for reading. :)

Would you deal with a gloppy polish if you loved the color?


OPI Last Friday Night + GAP Neptune

Just as the title says, I layered OPI's Last Friday Night over one of the polishes I purchased from GAP, called Neptune. I then applied a Matte top coat and I love how it turned out! There is something about mattifying a glitter polish that is completely intriguing/hypothesizing to me!

Forgot to get a picture of Neptune on my good (left) hand, lol
I painted my left hand and forgot to take a picture of Neptune (glad I have 2 hands, right?). Taking pictures with my left hand is hard! Neptune was very very easy to apply. I only had to apply one coat!! It's very pigmented and was very easy to work with. After Neptune dried I applied Last Friday Night over top. I only did 1 coat of the glitter polish. 

Last Friday Night over Neptune // No top coat

Close up of Last Friday Night over Neptune // No top coat
Last Friday Night over Neptune // Matte top coat

Last Friday Night over Neptune // Matte top coat
Close up of  Last Friday Night over Neptune // Matte top coat

That's all folks!

Do you like the look of mattifying glitter polish? Would you try it?