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Birch Box June 2012

My June Birch Box came in that mail a couple weeks ago. The theme for this box was "Jet Set" which are carry on staple items for when you travel/fly for vacation. For myself I do not travel much and when I do I usually don't fly. I've flown maybe twice in my life? Most of the items in this box did appeal to me either way. :) 

Comodynes - Self- Tanning Intensive
These are self tanning towelettes. I don't use self-tanners because I tan VERY easily. I'm out in the sun for 15 minutes and BAM I'm dark. So yeah... I probably won't be using these.

Number 4 - Super Comb Prep & Protect
This is a leave in treatment used for helping detangle and defizz hair. I've yet to try this but I love trying out new leaving in hair products. My dry/fizzy hair makes finding the prefect product hard. I've been really loving Lush's R&B . It weights my hair down, which is great, but my hair get oily/greasy super quick. Which makes me have to wash my hair more often. :( Another good all in one leave in is It's a 10.

theBalm - Lip/Cheeck Stain in Beauty Queen

I LOVE two in one products like this. That helps cut down one's make-up application time and and it helps to make packing lighter (when traveling). This is a nice "I just drank Kool-Aid" lip stain. As for the cheeks, it gives a good light red flush. Nothing too over bearing.

Jouer - Moisture Tint
Sorry, for the blurry picture. This is tinted moisturizer with SPF (always a plus). It's said to be an award-winning product. I've yet to try this out. I love tinted moisturizers, especially during the summer. Foundation is just too heavy for me. Also, I suffer from oily skin. The lighter the product, the better. AND it's OIL FREE, YES PLEASE!

La Fresh - Make-up wipes
These make-up wipes claim to be able to remove stubborn mascara and they are oil free, so yay. So yeah... they are make-up wipes, not much more to say about them. Again, I haven't tried these. I'm fond of the Yes to Cucumbers wipes. I also just picked up some new wipes from Simple and I have been wanting to try those out too.

Band-Aids - Cynthia Rowley
The lifestyle extra that came in this month's box was Band-Aids, oooooo! They are designer bandages by Cynthia Rowley. Nothing much to say about this product. The designs are fun and different and hey, I needed Band-Aids, haha!

That is all! Over all I'm happy with the samples I received. I love getting these boxes!

Till next month~

Are you going to be doing any traveling this summer? If so, where to (and take me)?! 

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