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butterLONDON Slapper + Sally Salon Effects

I have for you today a bohemian/tribal inspired manicure! This was my first time using butterLONDON and I got to say, I'm in love! So very easy to work with. The coverage was prefect. Only took 1-2 coats to even everything out. No streaky-ness or gloppy-ness. Just an all around great application. :) I hope this is what I can look forward to with all butterLONDON polish!

I'm kinda sad because my photos did not turn out well at all and the manicure is currently not on my nails anymore. :( I'm really not happy with these photos. Since this color is such a strong color you will see imperfections when up close. I had so many little imperfections that showed up in my photos that I almost didn't post about this. But I lovelovelove this manicure so much that I wanted to show it off. 

I used Sally Hansen Salon Effects to make the triangles. Now, if you want, you could tape off your nails and create the triangles with a polish but I wanted to be lazy. :p I cut the shapes out of the stripes, applied it to my completely dried manicure, and finished off with a top coat.

Thanks for looking~

Would you try out a manicure like this? What other color combos would you try?

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