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Monochromatic nails + Thanks for 1000!

I wanted to take the time and say thank you for the 1,000 views on my blog. I know it's not that many but it means alot! My website/blog is still in it's beginning stages but hey, you have you start somewhere, right? :) I'm loving just blogging about anything, mostly it's been about my at home manicures. I find it somewhat therapeutic, as weird as that may sound. So, I tend to paint them pretty often.

Anyways, I also have a monochromatic manicure to show you. I am about 75% happy with the outcome. If I were to do this again I would honestly change the thumb color (NYC Big Money Frost). Other than that, all the colors applied very well and did want it needed to achieve my monochromatic manicure.

Left to right: OPI Fiercely Fionna, Revlon Zealous, OPI Did It On 'Em, Sephora by OPI It's Totally Karma and NYC Big Money Frost

Again, I really wasn't happy with how the thumb color came out. It wasn't what I was looking for in a dark green. But other than that, I really enjoyed this manicure and would recommend any of these colors on their own. I love greens. :) :) :) I think I may try a blue monochromatic manicure sometime!

Would you try a monochromatic manicure? What color would you do?

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