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Robin's Egg Mani

Right to left: No named Old Navy polish and Essence You Belong to Me

I borrowed this mani idea from The Beauty Department. It's called Robin's Eggs. :) Super cute and SOOOOO EASY! As soon as a saw it I knew I had to do it. I recently picked up this pastle blue polish from Essence (only .99$) called "You Belong to Me at ULTA.

The Essence polish applied very well and dried very fast! I was very impressed, I may pick up more Essence polish! :) By itself this polish is such a lovely color. It has a very slight shimmer to it but I would definitely consider this more of a cream. I also used un-named gold glitter polish that I got from Old Navy. It's a gold glitter top coat with many different grains of glitter. Super sparkly!

I apologize, my cuticle have been suffering lately. I can't seem to find my Burts-Bees cuticle cream. :( It's been lost for a week and man, that stuff sure does make a difference (EDIT: OMG I JUST FOUND IT! How dumb am I, it was on my desk the whole time!! HAHA). I wish I didn't have to touch clothing and cardboard so much. Geez, retail dries my poor hands out! Doesn't help that my hands are usually dry to begin with. :( :(

 Anyways! What is your cuticle life saver? Mine is Burts-Bees!<3