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June/July Polish Haul!

I just want to start of with a bit of a disclaimer first. Most of the polishes I'm showing I purchased with my own money. A good handful of these polishes were given to me as birthday gifts, for my birthday was this month on the 8th. I really enjoy painting my nails (if you couldn't tell) and this has progressed into a wonderful hobby (obsession) that I really enjoy blogging. If anything this blog is more so for myself. I don't care how many readers I have or don't have. In no way am I trying to show off or brag. I just really really enjoy nail polish. :)

I also updated my Nail Polish Catalog tab on my website. I finally linked it to a Google spreadsheet, which made everything more organized. For the moment, I'm quiet happy with it!

H&M Nail Polish: Fantasy Ocean, Pink, Red, Bronze, Blue. Beige, Urban Spirit, and Goldness
 H&M is rather far from me. I love the clothes they have to other, I just hate the sizing. :( If I'm lucky I can find somethings, but not often. So when I went I just picked myself up these polishes. They are wonderfully adorable and very unique colors/bottles. I had to stop myself from buying more!!

OPI: Nothin' Mouise 'Bout It, DS Classic, My Private Jet
I get my hair cut/recolored every month and at my salon there's OPI polishes and ooooooh how they tempt me! The pink glitter polish Nothin' Mouise 'Bout It, if from OPI's Minnie Mouse Collection. There are large heart-shaped glitters in the bottle. Such a fun polish! The other 2 polishes are holo-shimmer like. The DS collection I found at ULTA.

Sally Hansen: White On, Blizzard Blue, Flirt, Buttercup, Limestone
All these polishes were given to me as birthday gifts from my mother and sister. As you will later see they went a little polish happy, when it came to my birthday this year. They picked these up at Walmart but they are pretty much available anywhere.

Wet n' Wild: Kaleidoscope, Jezebel, Casting Call, Sunny Side Up, Bijou Blue, Rain Check, Wild Card, Metallica
Again, more birthday gifts from my mother and sister. They purchased these from Walmart. I think they did a wonderful job picking out colors for me!

NYC: Charming Rose Creme, Purple Pizzazz Frost, Central Park, Mulberry Street, Lexington Taxi, Water Street Blue, East Village, Sidewalkers

 And again! More birthday presents from my mom and sister. I told you they went polish crazy.

Hard Candy: Splendid, Sky, Frenzy
More gifts and these are super freaking adorable with the rings attached. Too bad they don't fit. :p These are available at Walmart.

Salon Prefect: Spicy Tomato, Bubblegum, Prefectly Peach, Lemon Zing, Kiwi Lime, Sour Apples, Blue Mint, Blue Rasberry, Berry Blue, Lavender Icing, Plum Sorbet

And I believe these are the last of their gifts to me. I love all these colors. Very basic colors and would be a good starter to anyone's collection. I believe they purchased these at Walmart as well.

Tokidoki: Savanna and Ciao Ciao

It makes to sad that Sephora is killing the Tokidoki line. I'm so fond of all the colors and cute Japanese inspired art. :( Since they are doing away with the line, it's all being clearanced. I picked up alot of makeup at good prices. These were the 2 polishes I got, both glitter based.

China Glaze: Hey Sailor, Kalahari Kiss, Orange you Hot, Exotic Encounters, Elephant Walk, Man Hunt, Jungle Queen, Purr-fect Plum, Prey Tell

Sorry my camera cut out the 2 at the ends. China Glaze is probably my favorite nail polish brand atm and I went a little over broad, haha! Most of these polishes are from China Glaze's new On Safari Collection and I can not wait to try them out! I am in love with every color. These will probably be my go-tos for fall.

Essie: Fun in the Gondola, Eternal Optimist, Demure Vix, Mamba, Absolutely Shore, Turquoise & Caicos, Angora Cardi
I've recently started obsessing over Essie polish. I love how every color is so different but very natural? It seems like it could go with any outfit. I'm anxious to try these colors out. Turquoise & Caicos has been on my wish list for a long time now!

Sonia Kashuk's Fairy Princess
I picked this up at Target. It was actually part of a manicure I blogged about here. The color is so lovely but the formula is difficult to work with. :( I was able to get a close up of the shimmer this time I forgot to in my earlier post.

Butter London: Yummy Mummy
And this was the big birthday polish that my mom and sister knew I wanted. Butter London's Yummy Mummy. In reality, I really wanted All Hail the Queen, but my sister accidentally ordered Yummy Mummy instead (gotta love 'em). I have very happy with this polish as well! I love love any polish from Butter London, such an amazing brand!

That is everything!! All and all, I had a wonderful birthday and I wasn't expecting so much polish! It was a big surprise! I cant wait to paint my nails. I'm thinking... Elephant Walk? 

What polishes have you recently purchased in the past couple months?

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