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Sonia Kashka Fairy Princess+ Sally Hansen Salon Effects+OTD

Sally Hansen Salon Effect 810 In the Spot Light and Sonia Kashuk Fairy Princess..
Sonia Kashuk Fairy Princess is a mint green cream polish with a wonderful hit of rainbow shimmer (which didn't show in these pictures.). It was an average formula. It seems to dry very quickly so it took many thin coats to get it to all to even out. On every other nail I applied these wonderful polka dot nail strips. I have to say, Sally Hansen's nail strips are most definitely my favorite nail strip brand. So easy to work with and to remove. :)

Mint Green Sleeveless Button Blouse - Old Navy // Polka-dot cardigan - Old Navy // Sophina Skinny Denim - Torrid // Accessories from random stores

My manicure also inspired this outfit! I honestly did not pick the outfit first before my manicure. I completely forgot I even bought a polka-dot cardigan, hahah!

Do you match your outfits to your manicures?  Or do you plan the outfits first with a manicure in mind?

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