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China Glaze Elephant Walk and NYC Centarl Park

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Long time, no update! I went out of town this past weekend and had no access to the interwebs so... I couldn't update. :( Anyways, here I am! I have simple manicure. I've been super obsessed with ring finger color accents. On my left hand I have China Glaze's Elephant Walk from their new On Safari Collection, with an accent of NYC Central Park. I just reversed the manicure on my right hand. :) Like I said, simple!

China Glaze' Elephant Walk is a simple grey with a slight shimmer, which I love! Application for Elephant Walk was wonderful! I had very few issues. It generally applied in one coat. NYC's Central Park is a pearly light pink. Now NYC Central Park wasn't as nice. It took 3 coats to get an good opacity and even then it looked kinda streaky. I think because it's more of a pearl-like polish, the brush strokes showed more?

Not a very good picture of my right hand. :(

China Glaze Elephant Walk can be purchased at ULTA or Sally's Beauty Supply (I got mine at Sally's) and NYC Central Park can be bought from pretty much anywhere; Walmart, Target, etc.

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