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Essie Ole' Caliente + China Glaze Turn Up the Turquoise

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I have for you another ring finger accent manicure with reversed colors on the right hand. Essie Ole' Caliente was very easy to work with. When I first got this color I thought it would be more on the coal/pink side. I was poorly mistaken. It's actually a very bright red/orange, but that's ok! Be careful applying this polish, it is very staining (must red are). When I went to remove this manicure I stained my cuticles from just REMOVING the polish!

China Glaze Turn Up the Turquoise is a lovely turquoise blue polish with a slight hit of shimmer. I really loved how this color looked on me and the formula was very easy to work with.

Pictures shown below 1-2 coats of polish(both colors). I was also out of town when I applied this manicure so you'll just have to deal with the non-while background! D:<

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  1. Love the alternating colours on your two hands! You picked a nice colour combo (: