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Teh Qte's Adventures!

I wanted to share some of my FFXIV adventures with you! About a month ago I finally took Teh Qte out of hibernation. I play on the Excalibur server. Teh is currently level 50 in all War/Maic classes with 50 Goldsmith with Leathercraft on the way!

In coming image spam. Click on the images to enlarge!

Annoying Summerfest quest.... although /firedance was fun!
Azif and I being sexy ;)
I was able to help a good group of friend obtain there first Ifirt win!

I love how cutsceen will show your team members. This is after beating mini-Garuda.
I haz a Moogle for a head!
ohi Atomos.
Everything got slanted!
Don't Hate the Messenger grand company quest.
Another image for the Don't Hate the Messenger grand company quest.
United We Stand - Grand Company Quest. Don't get an image of the fight but it was really fun!
Another image from United We Stand - lolSephiroth fire.
Random but I finally got another primal weapon!
Another random image of my light skinned and taller twin! /panic
Got my 25,000 grand company seals and ranked up to the highest rank! No I have no idea what to spend my seals on. :<
The To Kill a Raven fight, took me 8 tries in order to beat it!
Finally beat to Kill A Raven while on Blm!
Finishing the To Kill a Raven quest, gimme meh seals!
Kamon is my room mate and right hand man when it comes to this game. I pretty much drag him everywhere. ;p
Took 8 hours but finally finished Living on a Prayer AND also got all the nodes/camps in the game!
Completing Living on a Prayer Unlocked The Raven fight: Hard Mode! I can't wait!
Kamon and I got our ridiculous horns. Along with our ridiculous horns, we did ridiculous emotes!
Today I was FINALLY able to get both my retainers up in the wards! Feh and Heh my cat slaves!
Kamon and I's latest achievement, Vanya robes; hand crafted by Kamon himself!

I really don't have a more organized way of showing off my adventures but I feel bad that I haven't blogged about 14 yet! I enjoy the game and am very excited for 2.0 (aka a Realm Reborn). I have so many goals I want to achieve before Nov 1st.

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