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Essie Naughty Nautical

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Naughty Nautical and Orly Luxe

I went into Target last week and came across Essie's Summer 2013 collection. I loved every color! It was so hard to resistant buying every single color (I WILL be back for them...).  I ended up picking up the shade Naughty Nautical. It's a teal blue polish with a hit of shimmer. Application was wonderful. Only took 2 coats. So far this manicure has last 4 days with very minimal chipping. Very happy with this polish. :)

Orly's Luxe has been in my collection for a long time and is always been a favorite. It such a wonderful metallic to work with. Easy to apply and remove. And I love how it's not a high shine gold, like BAM IN YO'FACE. It's just a really great accent gold that doesn't take all the attention away from the second polish color.

Naughty Nautical - Close up of the shimmer

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