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My new MAC lipsticks!

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My new obsession? MAC lipstick! Recently I have been finding myself lurking the MAC counter in Macy's, swatching every lipstick in sight (I don't sound like a creepier at all). It's starting to become a small addiction. Lipsticks were one of those makeup items I thought were for old ladies... 3 months ago I never once had the idea of wearing lipstick. I am a changed woman, I tell ya! So, I took the plunge and invited myself into the world of lipstick. I seriously couldn't be more in love with MAC and their lipsticks. I love the feel, the smell and the lack of taste these lipstick possess.

Left to right: Velvet Teddy, Angle, Viva Glam II, Viva Glam V, Syrup

Left to right: Velvet Teddy, Angle, Viva Glam II, Viva Glam V, Syrup
MAC Velvet Teddy
You never forget your first. Velvet Teddy was my very first MAC lipstick. It was a hard choice but I was happy with it. Its beige-pink/nude matte lipstick. I personally think it works well with my skin tone and I love the matte finish.  It's a great everyday lipstick for me.

MAC Angel

Angle is one of those "your lips but better" lipstick color. The "frost" finish can come off kinda patchy if your lips are super dry. I really have to make sure my lips are moisturized and polished before going for this lipstick. This has definitely become a favorite for me. I've already made quiet a dent in the lipstick and I've only had it for a week or two.

MAC Viva Glam II
It took me a while to really like this lipstick. I find the more I wore it, the more I grew to love it! It's a satin warm beige/brown lipstick. I feel this lipstick ages me and makes me look more mature?  In a good way though... I hope.

MAC Viva Glam V
This is a new one I just purchased today. It's a beige/mauve with a lovely sheen. Looking at the lipstick close enough, there are small reflexes of some sort. It looks beautiful in the tube and on the lips. It's one of those colors I'm sure would suit just about everyone.

MAC Syrup
This is also a new one I just purchased today. It's a berry/mauve like color. A wonderful lipstick that adds some nice color without being just a neutral. I have been playing it safe with my lipstick so far. This was my first real dive into the colors lipsticks.

Well, that's it! I'm highly interested in knowing which MAC lipstick you love and/or would suggest! Thanks for reading/looking!

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