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ULTA, Sephora, and MAC haul!

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This was over the course of couple shopping trips. I didn't get everything at once. I wanted to show what I got and give my first impressions. Also, I'm testing out my new soft box. I'm a tad disappointed with the lighting in these photos. I'm still working on that. I didn't want to retake all these pictures. I'll get this right... eventually!

Without further ado, the items I got from ULTA:

Batiste Dry Shampoo - Sassy Wild & Daring
I love love love dry shampoo! This is a repurchase. I've probably gone through 2-3 of these. The Sassy Wild and Daring is my favorite scent of the Batiste Dry Shampoos. I often use dry shampoo not to just refresh but sometimes to add volume. I have recently found that using too much dry shampoo can cause build up on the scalp that closely resembles dandruff. It took me months to figure this out! I would HIGHLY recommend using a clarifying shampoo if you find yourself using dry shampoo often or really any leave in hair product.

Oil-Free Acne Wash - Neutrogena
You can pick this stuff up just about everywhere. I really enjoyed using Neutrogena's Grapefruit Foaming Scrub but I ran out. I wanted to try the non-scrub version. So far I'm liking it. I'm getting the same results. I use this with my Clairisonic and it works well for my oily acne prone skin.

Maybelline Baby Lips - Pink Shock, Oh! Orange!, Strike a Rose, Coral Crush
Pink Shock, Oh! Orange!, Strike a Rose, Coral Crush
Okay, who else is obsessed with Maybelline Baby Lips?! I know I am. They just released a couple new colors for their Electro line. They did have some crazy colors like yellow and green... wasn't too sure about those. I just stuck with the pinks/oranges. ;) These are a wonderful balance of color and moisture. A great everyday product and a break from lipsticks. The color on the end "Coral Crush" isn't part of the Electro line, it was a limited edition color I happened to come across in my local ULTA.

NYX Blush - Pinched and Mocha


NYX was buy one get one 50%. I picked up Mocha and Pinched. Mocha is a funny name for a such a deep pink. Pinched is a shimmer pinky/coral color.

Revlon Lip Butter - Wild Watermelon

I kinda forgot Revlon Lip Butters existed! I have a few in my makeup collection but I think I failed at picking colors that worked well with me, so I shyed away from them. I was watching some videos on YouTube which reminded me of them. I decided to pick up Wild Watermelon and WHOA, this baby is pigmented! It's a wonderful summer red lip product. So far I'm loving it! I'm thinking of picking up more in the future.
Wigo - Teasing Brush
Just a random teasing brush that I wanted to try out. It was like... a whole 3 dollars? 

Vidal Sassoon - Ion Styling Combs
I go through combs like nobody's business! They often get melted by my straightening iron or they just get gross, haha. I picked up these pack of combs. Not really picky about brands, I just needed a comb!

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I really didn't get much at Mac or Sephora. I had a gift card for Sephora and with that gift card I got a whole two things (haha)! When I went to MAC I only had one thing in mind but I ended up getting one more item, inst' that always how it works?!

Benefit - They're Real (mascara) and Watt's Up! (highlighter)
This was the birthday gift Sephora was giving out this year. I have and love both of these products. Especially Watt's Up!

Anastasia - Brow Wiz in Burnett
My brows are a unholy battle ground. I'm always looking to try out new brow products. I've heard amazing things about the Anastasia's Brow Wiz. I have been using this all week and I LOVE it! It gives great thin and controlled lines. Not too dark or light. Great for making an outline or fulling it. I love that it has a spoolie on the end.

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush - Tipsy

I have been eyeing this blush for well over a year now. The price point is very intimidating (26 dollars) but I had a gift card! This was also on my birthday wish list. And let me tell you, I LOVE IT!! The color is a little scary at first but once I applied it I was in LOVE! It truly lasts all day. Tarte, I am hooked...

Mac Pro Longwear Blush - Blush All Day

I was not intending on buying a blush from Mac. I was looking to test out some foudations but the sale woman applied this blush on me and oh my goodness folks, I was sold. This really doesn't look like anything in the pan but once applied it was just so flattering on my skin tone. And it's part of the Pro Longwear series, it lasts all day for me.

MAC Fix+ - Travel Size
This is actually the only thing I was looking to purchase from Mac. I wanted some travel sized Fix+. One to keep in the fridge for a nice cooling spray during summer and the other to have in my purse. I don't use Fix+ as a setting spray for my makeup. I use it to bring back normality to my face, like after I've powdered it or just bring moisture back to my face without ruining my makeup.

That is all folks! Thanks for looking/reading! :) I have more post planned such as: my birthday goodies, products I've used up, and products I regret purchasing. Stay tuned!~

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