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Benefit - Rockateur

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I am obsessed with Benefit's box powders. So when I heard they were coming out with the Rockateur, naturally I latched on! When I first opened the box and looked at the product inside, the shimmer was the first thing I noticed. Not gonna lie, I was a bit worried but I decided to still give it a shot. I don't like shimmer when it comes to my face products, they tend to make me look more oily. I was pleasantly surprised because when I did apply it I barely noticed the shimmer. It comes of as a nice rosey pinky blush. Very natural, buildable, and great for every day.

Another thing I noticed was a small hint of fragrance, which all Benefit box powders seem to have. It's very faint and doesn't irritant my skin at all. Like all box powders, the blush does come with a small blush applicator which isn't the best but isn't really terrible either. I can see it being useful for on the go.

The last thing I would like to point out is the price... which is 28 dollars. All of the Benefit box powders are this price but that can be a big deciding factor for alot of people. I wouldn't say this is a revolutionary blush BUT it is an amazing go-to blush color for any look and for everyday. Because of that I believe, it's wroth the price.

That is all, thanks for looking/reading~

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