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Benefit - Stay Flawless 15-Hour Primer Review

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There has been so much hype going around the beauty world about this 15-hour Primer, which  made me a bit skeptical but interested in trying this. I’ve been using it everyday for the past month or so and this is what I think of it so far.

The stick-like design makes it stupid easy to apply although, I feel like I’m applying a glue stick to my face (which is honestly kinda fun). And the packaging is really cute! After applying the product I use my fingers to smooth it out. It’s hard to explain how this product feels on the skin. It feels nice and silky but at the same time kinda tracky…? I’ve been using medium coverage matte foundations. I’ve used both a sponge or a brush when applying my foundation while using this product.

My final thoughts about this product: it’s not wroth the hype. It’s an average to good primer. It could be better but it’s not terrible. My makeup does last longer with the primer vs without but it’s no where near 15 hours. I have combination to oily skin, so I’m sure that plays a big role. I honestly get just as good if not better, longevity (with my make up) with the Benefit POREfessional. One big con for me that I did notice was because of the design of the packaging (glue-stick design), you tend to use more of the product, quicker. Primers in a tube for me last at least 3-4 months. This primer is almost out and I’ve been using it for maybe 5-6 weeks.

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  1. I keep hearing about this primer, and that it's a great purchase. I don't think I'll be trying it, but I'm glad you did a good review. Some say you have to work quick to use this primer.

    1. Yeah, I did find that I had to do that. It set and got tacky very quickly. After using it all up I decided against repurchasing it. It was okay. Not bad but not amazing. I definitely prefer the POREfessional over this.