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Review of the POREfessional Agent Zero Shine

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I picked up this hot item a couple weeks ago. I have to be honest, I was very skeptical about this product. I was sold on the claims but at first, I really just wasn't fond of the packaging. These are my current thoughts.

I LOVELOVELOVE the POREfessional. Naturally (or obsessionally?) I was super hype when I heard about the POREfessional powder! I've been using it for the past several days and over all, I'm loving it. What I find works best for me is using the powder to set my under eye concealer and T-zone. It does a FABULOUS job. There's no claim on product wear but this has lasted on my oily face for 4-5 hours, which is a nice bonus. I usually get 3-4 hours out most setting powders. I also tried using this to set my entire face after foundation. I just didn't like it. :( It felt like my face was... too matte and it gave me a ghostly appearance. The way the packaging is set up, it almost suggests that the powder be used in small amounts or in small areas.

*Also I would like to point out that this is my first real loose powder product that I've owned or used to set my make-up. All, all over powders I own, are pressed. 
  • I think the packaging limits the use. Like I said, it makes it very had to use on large areas. 
  • Product amount only .24oz.
  • Once the product is dispensed, you can't just put the extra back; use it, or lose it.
  • Expensive; 30$  
  • It's not invisible. Too much of it caused a ghost like cast on my face.
  • The packing is convenient for travel or on-the-go. Also it's fun and very eye catching.
  • The product does what it claims and then some; mattfing, pore perfecting, light weight AND long wearing.
  •  The brush is actually decent. Better than most built in or "came with the product", make-up brushes.

In conclusion, I would say if you are a fan of the POREfessional and have an oily T-zone area, you'll love this! It just depends on if you want to cough up the 30$ for it... I'm not entirely sure if I would repurchase it once it's gone but I will continue to enjoy it while I have it. I got my POREfessional Agent Zero Shine at ULTA but of course you can purchase this at Sephora too.

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  1. The packaging on this is absolutely adorable, and it sounds like it did a good job of keeping oil at bay. I'm an oily t-zone kind of gal too, but I've never tried any Porefessional products. Maybe I should! The best thing I've found to keep oil in check and make my makeup last all day is Urban Decay De-Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray. I got the 1 oz bottle for $14 bucks, and it works really well!

    1. I LOVE the Urban Decay De-Stick setting spray. I'm pretty sure I've gone through at least 8 bottles, haha! If you can get your hands on a mini sample of the original POREfessional, I think you'll enjoy it!