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Urban Decay - NAKED 3

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That's right. You knew it was coming. You can't be any type of make-up enthuestist and not talk, blog, vlog, instagram, facebook, etc about the NAKED 3 PALETTE  AHMYGAWDITSSOBEAUTIFUL...

Anyways, this is a quick post just to show swatches on my skin tone and in general just to provide make-up eye candy. Cause lemme tell ya, anytime I see someone blog or vlog about this palette I just gravitated to it. Even thought I've seen it like 50 million times... it so hypnotic. Is this just me?

My favorites of them are Limit, Trick, & Nooner. I love the mattes and the shades with the slight orange hue to them. At 52 dollars this palette is a bit pricey but in my opinion it's oh so wroth it. The original NAKED palette was my very first investment into the makeup world and I have never regretted it. Each shale is smooth, rich, and highly pigmented. Neutral shades are all I wear, so every NAKED palette has been right up my alley.

Thanks for looking/reading~


  1. Love this palette; it's so pretty! I'm used to darker shades, but I don't have a lot of pinks, so this is perfect.

    1. Just the opposite of me, I love the lighter/medium shades. I can never make the dark shades look good on me. :(