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My Trip to Belize 2014

This spring break I spent a week away in Belize (central America). Honestly, a month ago I knew almost nothing about Belize. Now I just can't wait to go back! The whole experience was amazing. I highly recommend this if you're going out of the country for the first time or would like to go somewhere tropical that isn't a 12 hour plane ride away. What makes it so easy is everyone speaks English and you can still use US currency. Belize does have their own currency as well. You will get change back in their dollars but the conversation rate is fairly simple. 1US$ = 2BZ$ I say simple but my brain was pretty much in sleep mode during the whole trip. Sooooo... I looked like I dummy when I went to make change or buy things, haha!


We stayed at the Exotic Caye Resort on Ambergris Caye, which is a small island northeast of Belize. We had to take a small domestic flight to get to the island. The island itself is pretty much centered around tourism. We ate some place new every day and we went on three excursions (cave tubing, zip lining, and snorkeling). We took each day as it came and made it up as we went along, no plans or schedules. It was very relaxing!

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