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ipsy Glam Bag - May 2014

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I'm currently in the middle of remodling the guest bedroom. The guest bedroom is usually where I keep my little photo studio. I don't really have any place else in the house to set up my photography station. Soooooo... incoming crappy cell phone pics! Hopefully everything will come together soon. It's just all taking longer than anticipated. This has been a long process. But for now I wanted to at least get my ipsy glam bag post up:

Thanks for taking a quick peek at this post. Again, sorry for the lack of updates. My blog has been nothing but ipsy bags lately. I am documenting the remodeling process, so that post will be coming... eventually! Trying to get everything set up while balancing work and school is stressful but it'll be wroth it once it's all done!

Hopefully, my next post will be a bit more exciting and not a ipsy glam bag. ;)

Thanks all!~ 

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