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Review: Too Faced Brow Envy

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Hautelook had a sale on the Too Faced products a couple weeks back and so I picked this Brow Envy palette. From my understanding they still sell this in their permanent line but it now has a slim tin packaging concept, much like of their newer palettes. So, this has been out forevvvver and I'm just now trying it, haha! Brows are definitely my favorite thing when it comes to my makeup, so I was pretty excited to try this.

The box is very compact and looks to be travel friendly. Also it adorable and fun to play with the "hidden" drawer. It pretty much comes with anything you could think of. The brunette powder is a wonderful match for my brows and the blonde gives nice dimension. I've used the kit a couple of times but honestly... I still mostly reach for my Anastasia Brow Powder Duo. It offers me similar shades but in a more convenient packaging format. I also prefer setting my brows with a clear gel vs a wax and this palette doesn't offer a brow setting gel.

All and all this is a great kit. I'm glad to have this in my army of brow products but I'm already fond of the brow products that I'm currently using. This is a nice addition. Just not a staple item for me.

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