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Lush Goodies!

Oh Lush, how I wish you were closer to me. But I'm kinda glad you're not because then I would spend way too much money... This Lush trip was much needed. There were several Lush staple items that I was out of, that I needed back in my life. I went out, got them, and couldn't be happier! What was super nice about this Lush trip is my wonderful boyfriend treated me to all of the Lush goodies I picked out. What a sweetheart! <3

I Love Juicy - $29.95
This is an excellent cleansing shampoo for oily hair. This also has such a lovely fruity smell. My boyfriend and share our Lush shampoo and conditioner. He's the one that actually got me hooked on Lush!

R&B - $22.95
This is an old time favorite that I was missing from my life and now it's back! Best leave in conditioner that I've tried. A little goes a long way and I love the way it smells.

Jumping Juniper - $10.95 
I've heard great things about this shampoo bar and I finally decided to picked it up. I love the cost of their shampoo bars and how travel friendly they are. This is supposed to help with oily hair issues, which I sadly suffer from. :( ALSO, thing bar smells sooooo good!

Big Shampoo - $26.95
I've being eying this shampoo forever! This shapmoo is supposed to give a volume boost to hair, which to be honest, I don't need. I have very think hair, so the volume isn't an issues. Again, like I stated, I have issues with oily hair. Reading up on this product I discovered the sea salt in this shampoo is supposed help clarify greasy hair without striping it. I know I already have 2 other Lush shampoos with similar claims but I want to see what will work best for my hair.

Veganese - $32.95
I'm a big time fan of the Lush conditioners. My favorite is the American Cream and Happy Happy Joy Joy. The thing about those shampoos is that they contain sodium laureth sulfate, which is a cleansing agent commonly found in most shampoos.  It also strips down color in one's hair very quickly. Thus "Sulfate Free" shampoos. I haven't been able to ween myself away from sulfate shampoos but I know I definitely don't need it in my conditioner as well. The Vegenese contains no sulfate and smells like a Lemon Dum-Dum pop. It's heavenly. 

Tea Tree Water - $9.95
Again, another all time favorite I was missing from my life. I love using this toner at the end of the night after I'm washed my face. It's cool ,refreshing, and has never failed me. I spray it straight to my face and remove the excess with a cotton pad.

Grease Lightning - $13.95
Another Lush fave. This is my emergency blemish control. I spot this at night anywhere I see or feel a blemish coming. Sometimes if my face is really problematic, I will using this all over the skin as a night time repair gel. It works wonders but I've found my skin gets used to it and stops having an affect. I often wonder if my face sometimes gets bored... is that a thing??

Thanks for looking/reading~

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