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ipsy Glam Bag - October 2014

October came and went pretty fast that I almost forgot to do my ipsy glam bag review! I'm not too into this ipsy bag but I do actually enjoy the physical bag it came it. The highlight of the products for me, were the makeup wipes. In this post, I'm gonna try something new. I'm going to start adding up the costs of the samples to see how much bang for my buck I received for each ipsy glam bag. The glam bags are $10/month, but sometimes I only like 1 or 2 products. This will help myself and my readers to see if the glam bag subscription is wroth it! Let's dig in, shall we?


Review/Swatches - Tarte Pin Up Girl Blush Palette

What can I say, I'm a blush addict. It's a problem and I know it, but I keep feeding the beast. Well, actually, my lovely boyfriend fed the beast. He surprised me one afternoon with a Sephora bag on my desk that contained this beauty. I was completely ecstatic and surprised because when it comes to makeup it's a whole other world to him. For him to take note of something I really wanted and surprise me... my heart melted. ANYWAYS, I'm getting emotional. Let's talk about this palette shall we?


Review: IT Brushes for Ulta

Ahhhh my goooosh. These brushes are amazing. They are super soft, so easy to work with, and all around great quality. I picked up 5 brushes and I'm impressed with each brush. There are 3 collections from this newly launch line exclusive to Ulta; the Essentials (Airbrush), Inspired (Live Beauty Fully), and Blurring (Velvet Luxe) Collections. Most of mine are from the Airbrush Collection and I treated myself to one Velvet Luxe, which is like there high-end prestige brush.


Ulta.com Haul/Mini Review

I don't really shop online when it comes to makeup because I'm such a visual/touch/try out type of shopper. Most of these items are influenced by many reviews and YouTubers I've watched. Another reason why I ordered online is because Ulta sent me a special one day promo where I got triple points on my purchase but it was only online. And by golly, the marketers got me. Good job!


First Impression: Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition 15 piece Brush Set

Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition Brush Set - ($39.99)
I was soooo excited to find this in my local Target. I seriously wanted to buy two sets, but I couldn't justify that, haha! This set was set a great deal at 39.99 for 15 brushes. That's like 2.60 for each brush! Waaaat. There were a couple unique brushes that I've never seen in a drugstore/local retailer which was the main reason I bought this. The brushes are soooo soft! I have a few Sonia Kashuk brushes and have always been impressed.  I'm very excited to give these all a try.