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Ulta.com Haul/Mini Review

I don't really shop online when it comes to makeup because I'm such a visual/touch/try out type of shopper. Most of these items are influenced by many reviews and YouTubers I've watched. Another reason why I ordered online is because Ulta sent me a special one day promo where I got triple points on my purchase but it was only online. And by golly, the marketers got me. Good job!

It Cosmetics - CC + Radiance Ombre Bronzer $34
This bronzer is beautful. I often find myself just staring at it. It's makeup eye-candy. The ombre effect is too cool and it does have a purpose, other than looking pretty. There are 3 different shades. The bottom shade is a matte bronzer, the middle shade is a sun-kissed glowly bronzer, and the upper shade is a golden highlight.You can pin-point your brush on which ever shade you like or mix them together. It's a fun way to customize your bronzer look without pulling out multiple products. The compact itself is huge compared to most, so it's not hard to individually use the different shades. For the price, this bronzer is definitely a treat. I find it hard for myself to justify the price but I do enjoy this product and love having it in my bronzer collection.

EOS - Lip Balm (Coconut Milk) $3.49
EOS is a big name in lip balm these days. Most lips balms for me seem to make my lips even more chapped then before I put the product on my lips. How does that happen??? The EOS is no exception to the weird event. BUT this EOS balm I purchased is supposed to have a different formula. So I thought I'd give it a try. The effect this product has is better than the original but still nothing amazing to me. The moisture doesn't last long and it leave my lips with a strange film like feeling on my lips, it's hard to describe. The packing of EOS balms are adorable and the scent/taste of the balms are delicious, I just don't enjoy what they do to my lips.

Neutrogena - Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup SPF 20 (Fresh Beige) $13.99
I love finding a good drug store foundation. I heard many reviews saying that this foundation was a dupe for NARS Sheerglow and I wanted to give it a try. My first impression of this product was it seemed pricey for drugstore. I picked it up because of a YouTuber review. The foundation itself was a wonderful match for me. It definitely isn't a matte foundation. It's dewy and skin like with light-medium coverage. Don't expect this to cover your flaws but it will conceal the redness and even everything out. Because of the formula of this foundation, I found it only lasted about 3 hours on my skin until my oily face started to break it down. For everyday use this wasn't the greatest for me. Maybe for a night out this would be better? I didn't hate this product but it's not a favorite.

Maybelline - Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment Concealer (Medium) $8.99
This is a old favorite that I've heard so many people rave about. I've been using another version of this that looks exactly the same and comes it a white tube. It's advertised as a spot concealer and treatment. I like it but I find it has a peachy-pink under tone that doesn't do well on my skin as a stop concealer but rather an under eye concealer. And the dark circle treatment, the one I just bought, I enjoy more as a spot concealer than a under eye concealer, haha. I'm just backwards I guess! That's the fabulous thing about make up, there aren't any set in stone "rules". You can really make it your own.

Mally Beauty - Face Defender w/ Sponge $40
Oh nelly. What have I done. This baby was 40 dollars. It took alot of mental coaxing until I decided to go for this. I feel like I can't even an honest review about this product yet because I'm still playing with it and working it into my everyday routine. I can say this, it's unique. There isn't many products out there like this. It's advertised as powerless shine control product that lasts all day. The packaging is hardy and it comes with a nice sized mirror and a hefty sized sponge. This is my first time ever purchasing anything from Mally Beauty.

BECCA - Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector $36
I remember trying a sample of this and hating it. Why did I purchase this then? Well, because when I tried that sample it was a very long time ago. Also, many reviews online re-convinced me to give it another try. I knew if I still didn't like it I could return it back to Ulta. After many uses, I found that I love this primer. I just had to learn how to use this. It took some getting used to but the results are amazing. The product reminds me of glue. I find that it's hard to get it out of the tube, because of it's consistency. Once out of the tube you have to work quickly with the product. I recommend just using it in the areas you need it, not all over. It dry's quickly and it will make your face feel tight. It doesn't "melt into the skin" like most primers. I've come to find this is normal. Once I put my makeup on I found it dramatically enhances the longevity of my foundation. I've been pairing this with the Becca Evet-Matte Foundation; perfection.

BECCA - Mineral Blush (Sweetpea) $32
I feel like the pictures I have of this product does not do this blush justice. For one, it's not as brown as the pictures show. It's a wonderful rosey plum neutral blush with a slight amount of shimmer. It's a great everyday blush that reminds of Tarte's Exposed. I found because of the mineral aspect of this blush, it does have some fall out. It's easy to work with and the pigmentation is excellent. I've never had any problems with controlling the intensity of the color. The packaging is chic and timeless. I just don't enjoy the price. For $32 I feel I'm not getting anything out of this world. Especially since the color I choose so closely resembles a Tarte blush, which is $26. But I'm a blushaholic!

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