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ipsy Glam Bag - November 2014

I'm going to be flat out honest. I hated my glam bag products. The only thing I liked was the actually bag itself. There were so many good products given out this month but I didn't get one thing I liked. What I really don't understand is how the website allows you to customize your profile and select your style, what products you do/don't want, etc. So you can hopefully get products that match those results. Well, I think it's a joke. It's just there to make you feel like you have some control in the process. This subscription service has probably become so large that it's not possible to individually trailer each bag to each ipsy subscriber. I understand that. But if that's the case, don't have a style quiz that's obviously there for nothing. *end rant*

Let's get to the bag, shall we?

Be A Bombshell Cosmetics - Eye Base $14
This is a great neutral eye shadow base. It's easy to apply, gives that hit of color and definition. Very similar to the Maybelline Color Tattoos but not as pigmented. This does take a bit of building up to get the desired color. Great that they gave the full size, wonderful value but it just wasn't for me. I prefer the Color Tattoos.

Elizabeth Mott - you're so FINE Eyeliner $17
Just no. I can't even with this product. This may be completely my personal preference here but why would you want chunks of glitter in your eye liner? The formula isn't at all smooth. The brush applicator is in horrible shape. I don't know how anyone could draw a desirable line with this. I'm really not an eyeliner person but I know a poor product when I see one. Neat idea but horribly executed.

J. Cat Beauty - Wonder Lip Paint (WLP109) $4.99
This product closely resemble the OCC Lip Tars. These liquid lipsticks have been all the rage lately but it just never caught my attention. And here's why: I'm lazy. When it comes to my lip products I want something quick, easy, and effortless. I often pocket the lip product I'm using that day and reapply when necessary but with this, it's not very practical. The formula of this product is super watery (seen in the swatch below). I really can't vouch for the staying power or application of the product because I ended up giving this away. The color was a little too bold for my taste. I would have preferred a more neutral shade but that's just me.

Marc Anthony - Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Volume Shine Hairspray $8.29(for full size)
I don't really use hairspray. Didn't try this.

TEMPTU - S/B Highlighter (Pink Pearl) $27.50 (full size)
On the website I noticed there are more shade options. I think I would have prefer a different shade due to the fact that this barely shows on my skin. It gives a very very very very very subtle glow and if that's what you're looking for, then there ya go. This product is watery but not at all hard to work with. Because of how subtle it is, it's kinda a "goof proof"product. I like the idea of a liquid highlighter but again, I'm lazy. If I gave myself more time in the mornings for makeup application and if this were a different shade, I'm sure I would love this.

In total this bag valued at roughly $70, which is definitely not bad at all... I just really wish there were more products in this bag that I was excited about.

(Left to Right) J. Cat Beauty Wonder Lip Paint, Elizabeth Mott Eyeliner, Be A Bombshell Cosmetics Eyeshadow and TEMPTU Highlighter
Interested in ipsy? Check it out here! Thanks for looking/reading~

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