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Haul/Review: EM Comestics

Cyber Monday EM Cosmetics had a 50% off sale. This is what finally temped me to try out EM Cosmetics. Michelle Phan created the makeup line and as intriguing as it was there were many reasons that stopped me from placing an order. Since it being an online store it requires you to read many reviews and taking that leap of faith.

Chiaroscuro Contour and Highlighter Stick (medium tones) $24
What a fun little do-hickey! The contour color is prefect for me.The stick format really allows you to pin point exactly where you want the highlight or contour to be. For myself, I don't do any extreme contour/highlighting. On a daily basis I enjoy contouring my cheek bones and temples. This product allows me to do this quickly and easily. It blends well but I find it's easy to go over board. The highlight is okay, not my favorite part. Especially since I have oily skin, I don't really use a highlight often. The packaging is simple and effective. Although, I really wish they'd label the outside tubes on which side is which.
Love Me for Me Flawless Finish Powder Compact (shell 09) $25
The powder comes with the Love Me for Me Liquid Foundation as well, so this was a fabulous deal! The hardest part about ordering this was making sure to get the right color match. It took alot of research. I read several blogs and reviews. I kept staring at the photos on the website and flipping back and forth between colors. The shade I ended up choosing thankfully matched very well. Phew!

First the liquid foundation. It's very liquidy  but easy to work with. I would consider this foundation to be medium coverage. It's blends easy and dries to a semi matte finish. The wear time on this foundation is average. By the time I go to remove my makeup after a long day, there seems to be barely any left to remove. I do enjoy the finish it gives. It's very natural. I however, didn't try building this up to see if I could get a heavier coverage. I always feel any time I do that with foundations it ends in disaster.

Next the powder. When testing the powder I wore it with the foundation. I found when using a powder brush to apply, the powder settled in the ceases of my face (yuck). An easy but annoying fix. I then tried applying the powder with a puff while using pressing motions. The results were much better. The powder gives extra coverage paired with the foundation.

In the end I actually enjoyed the foundation more than the powder. Good products but not great.

Arched Defining Brow Liner (brunette) $18
When I got my brow liner it was not sharpened to a pointed tip like the pictures show, just FIY. This deeply reminds me of the Anastasia Brow Wiz. It's very similar in performance and packaging. I think I might actually like the color match of this better! Crazy, I know! This has quickly become a new favorite brow product. Although, reading reviews suggests that this product doesn't last long at all. I guess, we will soon see...

Went a little cray cray swatching.

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