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Review: NARS Almeria Blush

NARS Almerĺa Blush $30
This is one of those products I had no intention of purchasing until I swatched it in the store. And ahhhh my gawd, I fell in lurve. NARS describes this as "tan rose". It comes off as a browny-red with subtle shimmer. The packaging is effectively the same as every other NARS blush. The cover is accented with a special holiday design that resembles... spider webs or lace? Take your pick!

Just like every blush I've owned from NARS it apples beautifully. It's pigmented, easy to apply, and very blendable. I picked this blush up at Sephora but I'm not seeing it on their website anymore. This blush is still directly sold on the NARS website. I do also believe that this is limited edition for the holidays.

I would recommended this for any blush lover. The price tag may not be justifiable for everyone. ;)

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