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Review & Swatches: Too Faced - Melted Kisses

Too Faced - Melted Kisses $25
I just haven't really jumped on this liquid lipstick train yet. When I saw that Too Faced made this really adorable holiday set I decided to give it a try. I got my set from Sephora. I often see it go in and out of stock on the Sephora and Ulta website. I've often seen this in stock at my local Sephora. None of these shades are limited edition. They are all in the permanent line, so I linked to that above.

Shades that come in the set:
  • Melted Nude
  • Melted Peony
  • Melted Fuchsia
  • Melted Berry 
This set really gives a great idea of what this product line has to offer. On the lips this product provides a great deal of pigmentation, no matter which color. The application is smooth and not at all hard to work with. The finish of the product provides a simple glossy sheen without being too shiny. As wear time increases it starts to look very matte.

The product dispenses from a foam tip applicator. If you have a careful hand, this does give some precession in the application process. With how bold these colors can get, you may not want to trust the foam applicator. Especially if you don't have a mirror. The swatches below are done just using the foam applicator. As you will see there are some minor imperfections. It's a liquid lipstick, of course there will be some control issues. In order to get the best control, I'm sure a lip brush would be more effective. They fact there is a applicator at all gives it one step up from any other liquid lipsticks in a tube.

All and all, I really do enjoy this set. It was a fabulous deal. I really enjoy melted nude and peony for everyday use. I do find I'm able to wear the other shades but I know myself, I won't reach for the berry and fuchsia shade too often. Considering one full sized tube is $21 and this set is $25, I would say I got my money's wroth.

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