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ipsy Glam Bag | July/August 2015

Long time no see! I really needed a hiatus. I've been overwhelmed with work and school but I missed my blog! I'm back in school for the fall semester but I only have one semester left (not counting this one). My blog posts maybe a bit patchy because of that but I haven't forgotten about you, promise! This post is super late but still I wanted to share my last two ispy Glam bags.


Review & Swatches | Laura Mercier Face Illuminator (Indiscretion)

Recently, I've become rather obsessed with highlighters. I used to detest them because I hated how they looked on my skin. I have oily skin with rather large pores so if I'm not early I can make my pores look larger. How I've come to enjoy highlighters is to not care a much about messing up and making something more noticeable. I used all mattifying products and I add the glow where I want it, which is usually the cheek bones. Oily girls, we can wear highlighters too!


Review & Swatches | Too Faced - The Little Black Book of Bronzers

This has been out for a couple months now. I'm really kind this isn't limited edition. This came out in a larger format last year (I think) and it was pretty pricey. They reinvented the concept into a smaller format and I jumped right on that.


Swatches & Review | Jordana Modern Matte Lipstick

Jordana - Modern Matte Lipstick $2.99
From Jordana's website these lipsticks are described as "..a winning combination of high payoff pigments and special ingredients that comfortably extend the wear. Expertly selected shades have an all-day wear without the typical ‘dry lip’ finish that feathers and cracks".


Comparison Swatches and Review | Gerard Cosmetics - 1995 Lipstick

This brand Gerard Cosmetics, has gotten so much hype as of recently on Instagram and YouTube. Their lipstick, specifically the 1995 shade, really interested me. They offer amazing sales and discount code so it’s very easy to get their products at an affordable price.


My Birthday Wishlist | 2015

Birthday's for me are still such a joy and I can never see myself getting tried of them. My birthday is this coming up Wednesday and I thought I would might a birthday wish list of a couple of items I've been lusting over. As you can see I really like face and lip products. :) Below are links to the items in the photo:

1. BECCA - Becca x Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed (Champagne Pop)
2. ColourPop - Super Shock Check Birthday Suit
3. NARS - Ita Kabuki Brush
4. Charlotte Tilbury - Filmstar Bronze & Glow Face Sculpt & Highlight
5. Too Faced Love Flush Long-Lasting 16-Hour Blush (I Will Always Love You)
6. ColourPop - Highighter Wisp
7. BECCA - Mineral Blush (Wild Honey)
8. ColourPop - Lippie Stix Lady
9. ColourPop - Lippie Stix Pinch
10. ColourPop - Lippie Stix Tootsi
11. ColourPop - Lippie Stix Topanga
12. ColourPop - Lippie Stix Fancy
13. Charlotte Tilbury - Cheek to Chic Swish & Pop Blush (Sex On Fire)


Swatches & Review | Anastasia Liquid Lipsticks (Pure Hollywood, Lovely, & Vamp)

The Anastasia Liquid Lipsticks have been all the rage. The whole idea of liquid lipsticks have been a huge tread for this year. I’ve been on the liquid lipstick train for quite some time now and I get excited anytime a brand launches their version.

Before my review I wanted to store my buying experience. My original order for these lipstick consisted of just Pure Hollywood and Vamp. When I got my package I received Lovely instead of Pure Hollywood. I thought maybe I was going crazy and that’s what I ordered. When I check my invoice online, I found out that I was indeed sent the wrong shade. I emailed the Anastasia customer support and received a reply the next day. Long story short, they let me keep Lovely and they sent me Pure Hollywood. I was floored but the wonderful customer service I received. They were quick, polite, and they gave me a $20 product, essentially for free. Thank you, Anastasia!


ipsy Glam Bag | June 2015

Well, this month just flew on by! My poor glam bag has been sitting on my kitchen table for week straight. I've been so busy with summer classes and work that I almost forgot all about it! So forgive my lackluster reviews...


Review & Swatch | Urban Decay Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Blush in Bang

Ever since Urban Decay launched their new blush line, I've been eying this product. It's no secret that I am a blushaholic and I knew I had to have at least one blush from this collection. I wanted one that was different enough but still wearable.


Haul & Review | VIB Rouge Event - Spring 2015

This post is loooong over due. I went to the VIB Spring Sale back in April and spent a hefty amount. The 15% off drives you to make crazy purchases! I wanted to give my individual reviews on everything and it took me a couple weeks to really test everything. I had some keepers and some that didn't quite make the cut. Alot of things I purchased are newer products and some have been around for a while.


ipsy Glam Bag | May 2015

That's it, I've decided. I'm keeping my ipsy subscription. I was super on the fence about this glam bag but after the past 3 bags I've been very impressed. I feel like the items are finally being accurately matched to my personal preferences. The website update is user friendly and functional. The only disappointment is that 660 of my points expired!! I didn't even know they could. The old point system was terrible. Everything cost 1000 points or more. And say you did have the points typically, everything was always sold out. The only way you could get points were from referring a friend or reviewing items. Each review was 10 points (they are now 15 points). Either way, earning points isn't easy. I don't see how/why my expired. Unless when switching the website design, the points expired along with it? I'm not sure. It seems there are many new ways to earn points which makes this subscription more valuable to me. I wish it had a stronger sense of community or an better shopping tool incorporated into the website.

Anyways, my bag this month was super cute! I love the design. Here are my overall reviews of each product:


ipsy Glam Bag | April 2015

I've been really pleased with the glam bags from ipsy recently. The website's experience has really improved. I've noticed I've been really enjoying the samples I've been getting from my my most recent glam bags. I feel like they are finally getting the hang of personalizing the bags to the customer's tastes/styles.

Unfortunately, this month I can't really give honest reviews of everything. This month has been a whirl-wind! But I can say that I've tried the Hey Honey Good Morning Face Serum and I love it!! Very pleased! I'm excited for next month's bag.

Below are all the items I got and swatches: 


Review & Swatches | Milani Rose Powder Blushes

These have been out for some time now but when there were re-lanched this year, it was almost impossible for me to find these! After 7 different CVSs I finally found them. I was so excited, I'm sure I scared the cashier. I am a huge blush fanatic and when Milani re-introuduced these back into their collection I just HAD to have them. 


Review & Swatches | Too Faced - Sun Bunny Bronzer

It's that time of year again. Bust out those glowy bronzers! I guess there's no "real rule" on when to wear bronzers but I did get this back in January. I felt it would be more appealing to give this review in the spring. So here are my thoughts!


Travel | What's in my Makeup Bag?

Long time no blog! During spring break I traveled and of course I couldn't travel without my makeup. I tried to keep it simple... if you can call this simple. This makeup bag is so compact, it made packing and traveling with it easy. I got my makeup bag on clearance at Target, so it's not carried anymore. There's a similar bag at Ulta with a different print but the structure is the same. Now onto the goodies inside:


Review | RT Bold Metals Flat Contour Brush

If you're a beauty addict like myself you know that Real Techniques came out for a "luxury" brush line. These brush are expensive so I decided to treat myself to one and I picked up the one I consider the most unique.  


ipsy Glam Bag | March 2015

Ipsy has updated their website and point system and I'm super impressed. I was thinking about canceling my subscription but I think I may stuck it out for a bit longer. Keep up the good work ipsy!


ipsy Glam Bag | February 2015

I was on vacation and completely forgot I received this glam bag! I was super impressed and excited about this bag, so I wanted to still get this post up even though it's a tad late.


Swatches & Review | Lorac Unzipped Check & Lip


I was hesitant to pick up this palette because I wasn't sure if I would like the colors. It's no hidden secret that I am a blush fantastic, so when I saw this I knew it had to be minnnnne. I'm not too familiar with the Lorac makeup line. I think this is actually my first purchase from the Lorac!


Haul | Mac Lipsticks: Viva Glam Rihanna 2, Taupe, Plumful, & Jubilee

I received a Macy's gift card and guess who spent it all at Maaaaac? ;) Recently, I've been obsessing over lip products. It's getting a little cray cray. I love how a makeup look can be so easily changed by the finish of lipstick. I'm very excited about what lipsticks I've picked up. I feel like it's a great mixture of colors and textures.


Review & Swatches | Anastasia Contour Kit

The infamous Anastasia Contour Kit is finally miiiine!! Mwhahaha! I know, I know. I'm super late to the party but I still wanted to get my review and thoughts up her on my blog anyways.


Review/Swatches | Colourpop Lippie Stix & Pencils

This brand has been all the rage on instagram and YouTube and with good reason! These product are awesome and affordable. All Lippie Stix and pencils are $5! I'm so glad to have taken a chance by submitting an order. Shipping is free, if your order goes over $30. I only bought the Lippie Stix and pencils. They have numerous eye shadows as well. Soon, they will have blush (omgomgomg)!


Review & Swatches | Rimmel - Show Off Matte Lip Velvet Lacquer

FYI, I'm not a lip gloss gal, never have been and probably never will be. I say this because I've never tried the regular Show Off Lacquers from Rimmel but when I heard they made a matte version, I just had to have it. I found mine at my local Walgreen's but they are now available on Ulta's website and pretty much anywhere Rimmel is sold. As far as I know this is not a limited edition product.


Review & Swatches | Too Faced - Le Creme Lipstick, Lip Liner & Lip Primer


A couples month back Sephora had a cute little affordable bundle for all 4 of these products. I don't remember exactly the cost but it wasn't more that $45 and for all the product I could, it was wroth it.


Haul | What's New at the Drugstore 2015

This month has been a makeup lover's dream. All the drugstore brands are coming out with new products left and right. This post is a collective haul from varies places over the last couple weeks. Definitely take advantage of the drug store sales. Most of these I got with a BOGO 50% sale. Especially the L'Oreal products, which are expensive for the drugstore. As far as I can tell all of these products will be part of each of these brand's permanent line. None of these claim to be limited edition. Also most, if not all of these items are now available on Ulta's website with penalty of other new products that I didn't get. Check it out!


ipsy Glam Bag | January 2015

I feel like my bag was such a special treat. I was super surprised by the value of this month's bag. Usually ipsy products are relativity affordable. In this bag I got LashFood which is an $80 product, like wat... For me this is something I would never buy myself but to received a sample, you bet I'm gonna give it a try.


Beauty Products I Regret Buying: Nail Polish & Misc

This is the last installment of Beauty Products I Regret Buying. If you've missed the last three posts I will link them here and here and here! Please, come join me on my journey of regret and failure!


Beauty Products I Regret Buying: Lip & Eye Products

This is the next installment of Beauty Products I regret buying. If you've missed the last two posts I will link them here and here. Please, come join me on my journey of regret and failure!


Beauty Products I Regret Buying: Face, Body, Hair Products

This post is all about Face, Body and Hair Products that I regret buying. I've horded onto these products for far too long. It's time to let them go. If you haven't already, check out the first part of this post please click here. Onward! The regrets continue!


Haul: What I got for Christmas

I was soooo spoiled this Christmas. I wasn't expecting so much and I'm so excited for everything I got. I have so many good people in my life right now, that treat me so well. I am so fortunate and thankful. Alot of these things were items I've been wanting for a while but hadn't taken the plunge. This post is a bit photo-heavy, so be warned! I didn't do an individual reviews for everything, since I haven't gotten a chance to try it all.


Beauty Products I Regret Buying: Concealers & Foundations

Oooooo nelly, I've been hording these products for quite a while. This is going to be a series of blog posts because there's so much... With the conclusion of 2014 I really wanted to focus on cleaning up my makeup stash. Most of these are products I've been holding onto in hopes of making them work (you know how that is). Or I wasn't able to return them for whatever reason. I'm one of those people that really like to research products first before taking the plunge, so it's a bit uncommon for me to have something that I absolute hate. 

*A small disclaimer: Even though these didn't work for me, doesn't mean they won't work for you! So definitely take everything I say with that in mind. These are just my experiences.


Review/Swatches: BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Spotlights

This was one of those products I would have just bypassed if I didn't hear a review on it. The reviews really got me excited for this. I was able to find this at Ulta and as far as I know it's still readily available but I'm not sure for how long.