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Beauty Products I Regret Buying: Nail Polish & Misc

This is the last installment of Beauty Products I Regret Buying. If you've missed the last three posts I will link them here and here and here! Please, come join me on my journey of regret and failure!

NYC Long Wearing Nail Enamel - Big Money Frost (Discontinued?)
I lurve green nail polishes! I have no idea why! Something fascinating about green nail polish and I can't put my finger on it. I've had this polish for a very long time. It was just never easy to work with and chipped like a mother. It's time to say good bye!

China Glaze - Sun Worshiper
Short story: I've been on the hunt for a nail polish of this color for a long time! As you see in the picture above, there are three polishes here that are all roughly the same color. I really was a yellowy-orange almost boarding neon color. Every time I find this shade in a nail polish, there is always a problem.

For Sun Worshiper it's just way too sheer. It takes at least 5-6 coats to become opaque and with so many coats this became super heavy on the nails causing it to peel and chip. It looked beautiful for a couple hours then it became evil.

Black Heart Beauty - Prison Riot (Discontinued) 
Same exact issue that I had with China Glaze - Sun Worshiper. Very sheer application, took too many coats to build up, and chipped like crazy. I believe I got this from Hottopic. The bottle is super cool looking at least!

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri - Man-go Team! (Discontinued)
Oh man, I don't know if it was this shade spefically or if all Sally Hansen Instra-Dri formulas are this way but here's what I experienced. It's thick, gloopy, and hard to control. The brush size is larger than average. This product seems to be designed in a way where application should be done in one coat. If you try to touch up a small section or go in for a second coat it becomes far too thick or gives a awful layered look. I feel for a product that's trying to save you time it created more of a hassle. If you're able to work quickly and get a good application in one coat, this polish may work for you! This color doesn't seem to be around anymore but this formula is still available in the Sally Hansen product line.

Essie - Bazooka (Discontinued)
This was part of a summer Essie collection some years back. Pretty color but was very sheer in the application process (are we seeing a trend here?) If I have to do more than 2 coats with a nail polish, I ain't having it. This polish took some patience and chipped like crazy. Wasn't worth the effort.

Deborah Lippmann - Gel Lab
This sounds like an amazing concept. Turning your regular manicure into a "gel manicure" or really just mimicking the effects of a gel manicure. There are some very specific instructions for this product that you have to follow. The first time I thought I screw up but I tried this out at least 3-4 times and each time resulted in failure. This did just the opposite of what it promised. It decreased the lasting power of my manicure and made every polish I used become easy to peel up and chip. This product was a hefty investment that failed. I would highly recommend staying away from this.

Hard Candy Fox in a Box - Hot Flash
This blush has 4 shades in one box. There is one color in the box that is totally overpowering. It gets everywhere! The fail out is unmanageable even though this blush is in a box. The color is so pigmented it stains everything it touches. It's super unflattering on me. It made me look like I had a sunburn or a rash.

Crown Brush - IB103 Flat Bronzer
I got this on hautelook.com. The price was very reasonable so I thought I'd give this a try. I had fallen in love with using brushes for my foundation and this looked like a solid product. I purchased two of the exact same brush but as you can see one brush, the bristles are half way down the ferrule. This didn't come this way, the bristles were so loose that they fell! I have no idea why or how, they were so loose they got pushed down. These also had a terrible shedding problem. With every use, bristles were falling out. These also felt super scratchy. It was an awful experience all around. It makes me want to avoid any Crown Brush products...

This concludes my regret adventures! These are products that I've had for years that really needed to go. I have alot more beauty products that I'm sure need to go for other reasons such as age, lack of use, etc. We'll save that for another day...

What nail polish or miscellaneous beauty products do you regret buying?

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