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Review & Swatches | Rimmel - Show Off Matte Lip Velvet Lacquer

FYI, I'm not a lip gloss gal, never have been and probably never will be. I say this because I've never tried the regular Show Off Lacquers from Rimmel but when I heard they made a matte version, I just had to have it. I found mine at my local Walgreen's but they are now available on Ulta's website and pretty much anywhere Rimmel is sold. As far as I know this is not a limited edition product.

Rimmel London - Show Off Matte Lip Velvet Lacquer $5.99
The 3 colors I picked up are:
  • Apollo (True Neutral Nude)
  • Atomic Rose (Rosy-pink)
  • Meteoric Matte (Magenta)

First thing I notice about this lip product is the smell. If you're sensitive to scents you may want to steer clear. I've never really enjoyed the scent of Rimmel Lipsticks and this is no different. I was able to put up with this because the smell did fade after application. When opening the packing and removing the wand from the tube I noticed that if you aren't careful there could be some casualties. The darker the shade, the more it will stain so be careful. This is definitely not a lip product you can whip out when you're in a hurry. I got some on in my new car when I went to go reapplied... I wasn't too happy. :(

Let's talk about the performance. I wore this for most of the day with one touch up after eating. With that being said, this is NOT kiss/transfer proof! It doesn't dry to a truly "matte" finish. Just like the name suggests, it's more of a velvet finish. For myself, I prefer a matte lip. Buying this product, I expecting a matte lip... Others may like the idea of a non-matte liquid lipstick, so this may be for you! Another disappointing aspect of this line is the lack of shades. I picked up 3 of the 5. Unfortunately, I didn't enjoy the way Apollo and Atomic Rose looked on me. Of the 3, Meteoric was better but still not wroth it. Maybe if they came out with a color I really enjoyed I would put up with this product.

My final thoughts? This isn't for me. I wasn't very impressed. I had such high hopes but the smell, messiness, and finish of the product were all deal breakers.

Sorry about the blurry swatches :(
Have you tried this out? What are your thoughts? Thanks for looking/reading~

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