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Review & Swatches | Too Faced - Le Creme Lipstick, Lip Liner & Lip Primer


A couples month back Sephora had a cute little affordable bundle for all 4 of these products. I don't remember exactly the cost but it wasn't more that $45 and for all the product I could, it was wroth it.

Too Faced La Crème Lipstick (Naked Dolly and Spice Spice Baby) $22
I heard and read so many great reviews on these lipsticks. They are creamy and very comfortable on the lips but I have to be honest, these aren't for me. I find they are way too creamy and sheer. They slip and slide and transfer so easily. It just does last long on me or do what I want it to do. For a $22 lipstick I have moderate-high expectations.

Naked Dolly isn't really the best shade for me, in my opinion. It washes me out and too much of my natural pigmentation in my lips come through. It just doesn't suit me. This shade likes to cling to the lines and cracks on my lips (which isn't cute). You'll see it in the swatches below...

Spice Spice Baby is a better shade for me but that's not enough to overcome the issues I first acknowledge. I find specially with this shade, the product break off easily... I don't know if anything else has that issue but small chunks like to come off in the application process.

I'm just so disappointed but this is just my personal opinion and experiences, take it as it is. So many YouTubers and reviewers on Sephora/Ulta rant and rave about these lipsticks so obviously this is great for so many people. I'm just an odd ball. I don't know if all the shades in this line have the same formula. I would assume with the "Le Creme" tag name, they are all a creamy formula which I guess isn't for me... I do however greatly enjoy the Too Face Melted Liquid Lipsticks, those are right up my alley!

Too Faced - Perfect Lips Lip Liner (Prefect Spice) $19
I find this is a good color for any nude-brown lipstick but overall this is a decent liner. Let me example. The product doesn't need to be sharpen: awesome right? But if you twist just a hair too much, I find the tip will often break during application. Maybe I have a heavy hand but UGH!! This was so frustrating. For a $19 liner I don't want to unnecessarily waste any product. I've used this just to line my lips and I've used this all a all over lip color. This works best, in my opinion just as a liner. As a all over color it's dry and clingy, which is too be expected from most lip liners. I'm sure you could make it work with some balm over the top, if you really wanted.

Too Faced - Lip Insurance Lip Primer $17
This has to be my favorite product of all. I really don't know how it does what it does but I find its an excellent lipstick base/primer. Especially for my matte lipsticks. Before this product I would just use a lip balm, which was effective and definitely cheaper but the Lip Insurance takes it to the next level. This applies clear and sits comfortably under all the lipsticks I've tried so far. I've never owned a product like this before. I see results in the lasting power and on darker colors it helps to lock in the shade. No feathering or bleeding outside the lip line. It's all and all really nice.

What's your experience with these lipsticks? What's your favorite? 

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