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Review/Swatches | Colourpop Lippie Stix & Pencils

This brand has been all the rage on instagram and YouTube and with good reason! These product are awesome and affordable. All Lippie Stix and pencils are $5! I'm so glad to have taken a chance by submitting an order. Shipping is free, if your order goes over $30. I only bought the Lippie Stix and pencils. They have numerous eye shadows as well. Soon, they will have blush (omgomgomg)!

The shades I picked up (swatches are below):
Application is easy and controllable. The price point is reasonable, although you do receive less product then the normal lipstick. But let's be honest, how often do you use an entire lipstick? The formula is great. Especially, their matte shades. They are not over drying in the slightest. The only problem I had with my lippie stix is that the one of the tips broke off. It was a small piece so I pushed it back it in the tube. When I go to apply, I have to be really careful so it doesn't fall back out. Once that small piece that broke off is used up, it should be fine... but it is a little annoying.

They also sent me a cute little note along with my package, which adds a wonderful personal touch. I totally wasn't expecting that!

I would highly recommend this brand. I haven't tried a color or formula that I don't like. I'm very excited to order more from them in the future. :)

When I get a chance I would love to do some lip swatches. My lip area isn't in the best photographic state. I had a pimple next to on my lower lip and it's left a small scar. I scar sooooo easily it's insane.:( It's been terrible. Ugh! I hope the limited arm swatches helps some.

Thanks for looking/reading! Have you tried Colourpop? What products would you recommend?

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