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ipsy Glam Bag | March 2015

Ipsy has updated their website and point system and I'm super impressed. I was thinking about canceling my subscription but I think I may stuck it out for a bit longer. Keep up the good work ipsy!

NYX Cosmetics - Butter Lipstick (Pops)
I received the shade Pops which is lovely in combination with my medium skin tone. I didn't think I would like this lipstick at first because I'm very much a matte lip lover but I really enjoyed this. Great effortless, throw in your purse, lipstick. My only disappointment was the packaging. It's too easy to accidentally twist up the product, while the cap is still on. This happened to me and the tip of the bullet is now smashed. :(

Evelyn Iona Cosmetics - Concealer
Best part about this concealer was how good of a color match it was for me but in general, this concealer was decent. I hate using multiple concealers on my face for different purposes. I like my concealers do everything, such as conceal under-eyes, redness, spots and/or blemishes. I found this was moisturizing enough to use on blemishes and spots but not quiet moisturizing enough for under the eye. There was minor creasing. Nothing too horrible but I have many concealers that out perform this.

VINTAGE by Jessica Liebeskind - Illuminating Face Highlighter
Since this is a light pink based highlight I didn't feel comfortable using it by itself. I paired it with a matte pink blush to give myself a lite from within glow. Fun product, creamy, and not too chalky.

pūr~lisse beauty - pūr~delicate gentle soymilk cleanser & makeup remover
Great cleanser. Very gentle and fresh. My skin felt very smooth and moisturized after I raised it off. I typically prefer gel cleanser for everyday use because of my oily skin. I found this was great for makeup removal at the end of the night.

St. Ives - Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub
Very upset to have received this in my makeup bag. This is something I could pick up easily in the travel section of most stores for a dollar or less. I'm glad ipsy does include drugstore items but I feel this wasn't ipsy quality. :( I've tried this scrub before and I wasn't impressed. It's too gentle and does nothing in the exfoliation department for me. I have oily blemish prone skin.

Interested in ipsy? Check it out here! Thanks for looking/reading!

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