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Swatches & Review | Lorac Unzipped Check & Lip


I was hesitant to pick up this palette because I wasn't sure if I would like the colors. It's no hidden secret that I am a blush fantastic, so when I saw this I knew it had to be minnnnne. I'm not too familiar with the Lorac makeup line. I think this is actually my first purchase from the Lorac!

Lorac Unzipped - Cheek and Lip $30
First of all, the value that this set offers is amazing. You get one of their Alter Ego lipsticks that retails at $16 a tube. That makes the blush palette $14, with each blush being $3.50. You really can't beat that, unless you are buying an elf blush palette.

The blushes are SUPER pigmented. It's very easy to go clown on yourself with these. A very light hand is needed. I know myself, I'm a heavy handed girl and it can be hard to remember. I tend to use a less dense blush brush with applying any of these shades; like a duo fiber. What made me so hesitant to pick up this palette were the color selection of the blushes. They seemed rather frightening to me! After trying them all out, I found they work very well with my light-medium complexion. Two of the shades are mattes and two are shimmers.

The palette comes with 4 blushes:

  • Underrated (rose-pink matte)
  • Unashamed (baby pink matte)
  • Unapologetic (terra cotta shimmer)
  • Unimaginable (peachy-pink shimmer)
Now onto the lipstick. I wish I could say I liked this but I didn't. It's not a universally flattering color. The color is called Girl Next Door and it's a cool-toned light-medium pink with a matte finish. It doesn't look bad, nor good with my complexion. What's really a bummer is the formula. It's a drying matte that clings to every nook and cranny of your lips. It's not at all creamy and of course it lacks any type of moisture. It's really disappointing for a $16 lipstick. There are other matte lipsticks out there, even in the drugstore, that out perform this. I'm not sure if all the lipsticks on this line perform the same or if it's just this shade. On a positive note, it smells good!

Thanks for looking/reading~

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