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ipsy Glam Bag | June 2015

Well, this month just flew on by! My poor glam bag has been sitting on my kitchen table for week straight. I've been so busy with summer classes and work that I almost forgot all about it! So forgive my lackluster reviews...


Review & Swatch | Urban Decay Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Blush in Bang

Ever since Urban Decay launched their new blush line, I've been eying this product. It's no secret that I am a blushaholic and I knew I had to have at least one blush from this collection. I wanted one that was different enough but still wearable.


Haul & Review | VIB Rouge Event - Spring 2015

This post is loooong over due. I went to the VIB Spring Sale back in April and spent a hefty amount. The 15% off drives you to make crazy purchases! I wanted to give my individual reviews on everything and it took me a couple weeks to really test everything. I had some keepers and some that didn't quite make the cut. Alot of things I purchased are newer products and some have been around for a while.


ipsy Glam Bag | May 2015

That's it, I've decided. I'm keeping my ipsy subscription. I was super on the fence about this glam bag but after the past 3 bags I've been very impressed. I feel like the items are finally being accurately matched to my personal preferences. The website update is user friendly and functional. The only disappointment is that 660 of my points expired!! I didn't even know they could. The old point system was terrible. Everything cost 1000 points or more. And say you did have the points typically, everything was always sold out. The only way you could get points were from referring a friend or reviewing items. Each review was 10 points (they are now 15 points). Either way, earning points isn't easy. I don't see how/why my expired. Unless when switching the website design, the points expired along with it? I'm not sure. It seems there are many new ways to earn points which makes this subscription more valuable to me. I wish it had a stronger sense of community or an better shopping tool incorporated into the website.

Anyways, my bag this month was super cute! I love the design. Here are my overall reviews of each product: