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Review & Swatches | Laura Mercier Face Illuminator (Indiscretion)

Recently, I've become rather obsessed with highlighters. I used to detest them because I hated how they looked on my skin. I have oily skin with rather large pores so if I'm not early I can make my pores look larger. How I've come to enjoy highlighters is to not care a much about messing up and making something more noticeable. I used all mattifying products and I add the glow where I want it, which is usually the cheek bones. Oily girls, we can wear highlighters too!

Laura Mercier Face Illuminator (Indiscretion) $42
When I bought this highlighter I got it at Nordstrom. I checked the website and it doesn't seem to be available. Macy's seems to still be in stock. I had a Nordstrom Rewards coupon because I recently signed up for the Nordstrom card and because I got a mini purchase I received a 20$ off coupon. Of course, I had to use it on a splurge item. I'm not sure if I would have purchased this out right at $42.

My biggest compliant about this item is the packaging. It's unnecessarily huge and bulky. The product itself, gorgeous! It has the right amount of shimmery without huge flecks of glitter. The design of the product is mesmerizing to look at. I'm sure there are other highlighters at a lower cost that probably could dupe this. It's not horribly unique but it is pretty.

Overall, if you'll looking to treat yourself this is the product. It definitely not necessary and I'm sure there are dupes out there.

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